Friday, May 10, 2013

#artkitteh , King Vases and possession


It has been a while, BingoRagers.

If your only updates on my activities occur in this blog, then you are really missing my bleeding edge.
I post daily to facebook, twitter (link) and tumblr (link); recent studio pics, mostly.

I always thought of the blog as a place for "important works", but that has come to represent unfinished editing, etc. and must be vanquished with content.

Here are some recent works from our collaborations at #StudioChezZzorhn
All pics click for greater detail.



#artkitteh mask - pic showing the foam, clay and paper stages of the papier-mache process.
As you can see, a particularly troublesome nose was adjusted between the sculptural form and first paper.


King Vase 02 & King Vase 03

This pic shows "first paper" on #KingVase02 , the white clay of the sculptural form, below, showing through.

"Cutting" the paper off the clay; always traumatic. #KingVase02

Adding clay to the sculptural form (wedgy "hair"), initiating #KingVase03

#KingVase03 (l) and #KingVase02 (r) heads, juxtaposed.

#KingVase02 with new chin and more paper added.

#KingVase02 head attached to cardboard torso

#KingVase02 torso papier-mached to foam/antler base.
Basically, the current incarnation of the piece. May 09, 2013.

#KingVase03 , showing hair, brow, eye and ear mods +

#KingVase01 in the #BingoRageStudio, with assorted wall critters and first two paint jobs. February 2012

Our short film,"HOTEL POSSESSION", edited by Eric,
based on a concept by Z.