Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Blind Justice on the wane?

I started watching this show with high hopes. It looked like a challenging premise, that would need some kick-ass writers to keep it from turning into schmaltz.

First thing I didn't like: Ripping off the "blind vision" look, that the Daredevil movie used to illustrate Matt Murdock's internalized view of his surroundings.

Second thing I didn't like: Digitally blocking out some logo on blind detective girlfriend's shirt. It was a bad wipe job, blurring out parts of her arm with green blur. If you're going to plunk down the cash to put a show on primetime, spend five more bucks to do the job right. In fact; how bad could the logo/phrase been? Did it say "Team Osama"?

[March 12 addition: I think I know where I saw that lady. It's been bothering me. She's the dandruff shampoo lady on a swing who claims "beauty-queen " hair. I feel nauseous.]

Other than that. It was a good story, but it's hard to see how the writers can keep up the storylines as an exploration of blind detective Jim Dunbar's growth without becoming redundant.

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