Monday, October 10, 2005

Starting the rawhide rattle

The Second Binorage Art Giveaway rattle has begun. I cut the two halves out of the deer hide and began soaking them yesterday. I'll go to the studio tonight to begin sewing them together.

rawhide halves

I think that this is the antler that I'll use for the handle.


The rawhide pieces won't be sewn together, completely; A two-inch section of the seam will be left unfinished so that it can be sewn onto the antler, later. After the rattle head is sewn together, it will be turned right side out, filled with sand and allowed to dry and harden, for a couple days. After the head is dried, the sand will be dumped out and the neck of the rattle resoaked, so it can be stretched over the antler base (with beads inside, for rattling), then sewn completely closed.
The rattle is essentially done at that point, save extra decoration.


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