Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What Murtha Meant - We're leaving Iraq anyway. At least he's got a plan. By Fred Kaplan

link to Full story at Slate.com

(excerpt) "It almost doesn't matter whether withdrawing or redeploying the troops is a good idea; it's simply going to happen because there is no way for it not to happen (short of a major act of political will, such as reviving the draft or keeping troops on the battlefield beyond reasonable endurance). This is what Murtha meant when he told Russert, "We're going to be out of there, we're going to be out of there very quickly, and it's going to be close to the plan that I'm presenting right now." (There are political reasons for this near-inevitability, as well. When Murtha predicted we'd be mainly out of Iraq by 2006, Russert asked, "By Election Day 2006?" Murtha responded, "You - you have hit it on the head.")"

So, if the US Army has exhausted its current means of troop refreshment and there are no plans for a draft, and a "redeployment" is inevitable, why is the US Administration attacking Murtha(D) so hard. Oh, they want the credit for withdrawing for the midterm elections? Rep*blicans suck.



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