Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cherokee Princess

An addition to thoughts/comments about the NAVAHOAX posting

"Carter assumed the identity of a Cherokee orphan and began publishing memoirs under the name Forrest Carter"

It is telling that he chose Cherokee as 'his' native tribe: If I throw a handful of gravel in the air, in a crowded train station, I'm liable to injure someone claiming their great-great-grandmother was a cherokee princess.

In fact I've developed a theory about how the "New World" was originally populated by Redskins, based on the "cherokee princess" phenomena: The world, at one time, was so choked with cherokee princesses that the surplus were being tossed into the Pacific ocean (somewhere in Asia or Africa) and people walked across the "Cherokee Princess Bridge", tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands) of years before the Bering Strait was dry enough to cross.

Just a theory.


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JLB said...

That's right up there with the Socratic method. I think you're on to something...

will said...

hey man fuck you. i'm a cherokee princess and proud of it!

FaeMystique said...


Thank goodness I did my research and found out I was a Chowanoke princess whose tribe was assimillated into the remainder of the Tuscarora before they headed to NY to join the Iroquois...

he he he he he he he


The Local Crank said...

In "Custer Died for Your Sins," Vine Deloria calculated that two-thirds of the adult population of North America were descended from Pocahontas. Also, that 200 years ago there were no MALE Native Americans because everyone always has a great-great-grandMOTHER who was Native.
Of course, I have to sheepishly admit that my great-great-grandmother was, in fact, Cherokee (but even though she was evidently a very nice person, she was not a princess).

Anonymous said...

"no MALE Native Americans"? you mean a bunch of native dykes were adopting babies from overseas?