Sunday, May 28, 2006

New native blog

Larry Mitchell, at The Native Blog
found this new site; Voice of a Native Son.
Thanks for the find, Larry.

Voice of a Native Son is angry and smart. Here's a taste:
the no-frills version of America as a colonialist and imperial state that has managed to effectively surpass ancient Rome is without question a factual reality borne out by the incipient horror of the facts. Ask any honest person Indigenous to the Americas, your local history teacher or any Iraqi citizen not yet killed by American military personnel. Not that this reality is much talked about let alone discussed as serious history. It isn’t. But the factoid that America as a democratic, humanistic beacon of enlightenment is a patently false facade perpetuated by openly bigoted Europeans emotionally driven to purge the historical record of their monstrous deeds towards their fellow human beings goes unmentioned. Americans, desperate enough to deny their own record of Indigenous genocide, African slavery and imperialist control over other, significantly weaker nations and populations readily adopt and adapt to state propaganda that frankly, tells them that they are good people doing the entire world a favour.

A direct link to this posting.

Studio moment
Studio moment.

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Fisherman and trout (acrylic painting, metal and papier mache).
Fisherman and trout (acrylic painting, metal and papier mache).
click for detail pic

Canoe and Heron.
Canoe and Heron (acrylic painting).
click for detail pic



bingo and betty said...

Excellent. Excellent colour.

Mick said...

Hi Eric, i heard a really interesting thing from a publisher once who said that he had manuscript in by a guy who had documented pictographs like the ones near peterborough but they were all over Ontario. apparently this guy had found hundreds of sites. As the sites were of religious value and the publisher quite ethical the book never made it to publication but it was neverthe less a fascinating thing to hear about. Mick

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

The images near Peterborough are petroglyphs -carvings- vs pictographs -paintings- and the glyphs are much rarer. The book was probably about pictos.