Friday, May 11, 2007


An interesting discussion of the myth and history of "The Noble Savage", as a European construct, at the Anthropik Network.
"The Savages Are Truly Noble"

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The Seeker; run through M$ Paint.
The Seeker; Broken Vulture Art papier mache sculpture.

Started a large embroidery/collage thingie, with my art group.
Broken Vulture Art embroidery/collage thingie.

embroidery/collage thingie detail, lazy stitch
Broken Vulture Art embroidery/collage thingie detail.

Johnny, the gravity defying Bingorage-cat.
Johnny, the gravity defying Bingorage-cat.

Random resources, news and stuff:

Good to see that The Circle Newspaper, from Minneapolis is updating its website, again. I have missed reading Jim Northrup's Fond Du Lac Follies. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim a few times, while I was wasting oxygen and time in Minneapolis.

CN files lawsuit against First Nation protestors, for shutting down Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa rail corridor to bring attention to land claim struggle, near Deseronto, Ontario.


It seems that the province of Ontario is preparing to slap a 13% diamond tax on future diamond mine profits, and Attawapiskat Cree leaders say that the provincial government is threatening the potential prosperity of underserved Northern communities by strangling development agreements with mining companies.
"The De Beers diamond mine – which is on the traditional land of the Attawapiskat First Nation – is a life line for the reserve which is plagued by high suicide rates, woefully inadequate housing and extreme poverty, Carpenter said.

Housing is in such short supply that up to four families live in one three-bedroom home, he said. The community has been without an elementary school for seven years, he added.

The reserve has signed a revenue-sharing agreement with De Beers and no one wants to see that project or future exploration jeopardized by a hefty tax, he said."
Second article.


An interesting transcript, of testimony given to refute intelligent design, as a legitimate scientific alternative, to be taught alongside evolution.

Toronto policeman charged with assaulting a bicycle rider, caught on tape.

New research is chasing the theory that language may have started as gestures, rather than sound, by studying use of gestures in wild chimpanzees and bonobos.

The Nipissing First Nation polices its own Walleye harvest.

An online PDF handbook for bloggers in the third and fourth worlds, endangered by censorship and suppression.


An Anglican minister, on trial in Kenora Ontario has just pled guilty to a further 20 counts of sexual abuse against Native children in Northern Ontario reserves. Article.
"The trial for Ralph Rowe, 67, began in earnest on Wednesday with his arraignment on 12 charges from five different complainants in Kenora Superior Court. The charges include six counts of sexual assault and six counts of indecent assault.
On Monday, Rowe pled guilty to 20 charges – 10 counts of sexual assault and 10 counts of indecent assault – during the same time period involving 20 other victims from the northern First Nation communities of Muskrat Dam, Wunnumin Lake and Big Trout Lake.
Rowe, who was the Anglican minister and Boy Scout master in these communities during the time of the offences, was originally facing 56 charges. However, the Crown withdrew 24 of the charges that involved the same 20 victims, leaving 12 from five victims for trial.
Justice Erwin Stach ruled Tuesday he would not sentence Rowe for his 20 guilty pleas until the conclusion of the trial."


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