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beaded cola

Images and Peyote songs of the Native American Church

Brief History of Peyote.
"... Success in spreading the new Peyote cult resulted in strong opposition to its practice from missionary and local governmental groups. The ferocity of this opposition often led local governments to enact repressive legislation, in spite of overwhelming scientific opinion that Indians should be permitted to use Peyote in religious practices. In an attempt to protect their rights to free religious activity, American Indians organised the Peyote cult into a legally recognised religious group, the Native American Church. This religious movement, unknown in the United States before 1885, numbered 13,300 members in 1922. Membership of the Native American Church at the present time is claimed to be a quarter of a million Indians..."

Native Artstuff:


Natve blog; NAMoments
"Native American Aboriginal links and info on News, Art, Crafts, Music, Stories and Culture."

A good article about Tlingit-Nishga artist, Da-ka-xeen Mehner
"Mehner's inventions with camera and Photoshop aren't his only signature. He has also designed a series of sculptures informed by a Tlingit carving aesthetic and mask tradition but formed with construction materials, including cast concrete and rusty metal.
Most recently, he's taken on woodcarving. There are eight birch and yellow cedar masks displayed in his Out North exhibit. He gave two weighty reasons why they're marked "NFS" -- not for sale.
It's unsettling to him that ceremonial objects have become part of the tourist economy.
"I don't want to make cultural objects into commodities. That's not appropriate for me," he said.
Also, Mehner said, in college he often read anthropological texts referring to the wealth of Tlingit material culture.
"Growing up in a Native home, that wasn't what I experienced," he said. "We lived in small apartments in Spenard and were just getting by. I look at pictures of these historical objects and wonder where they are, because they're not in the possession of the families."

RedwayBC News Ezine
"Harnessing Technology to Honour, Inform and Connect Urban Aboriginal Youth to Services, Opportunities, the Community and Each Other"

New beaded bottles, in progress (pics click to enlarge):

Beaded Cola bottle; Bingorage studio, Broken Vulture Art.

Beaded Cola bottle; Bingorage studio, Broken Vulture Art.

Beaded Cola bottle; Bingorage studio, Broken Vulture Art.

Beaded Cola bottle; Bingorage studio, Broken Vulture Art.

Beaded bottle; Bingorage studio, Broken Vulture Art.

Random resources, news and stuff:

A new CBC webpage dedicated to aboriginal issues and news.
"This season, one focal point in CBC Television's diversity plan is a web platform that will serve to showcase stories and programs on Aboriginal life, issues, and artistic expression that have been produced by, or in association with CBC Television and Radio.

Our goal is to provide better access to the volume of programming produced by the CBC which relates to Aboriginal life in Canada, creating a resource tool for schools, the larger community as a whole and Aboriginal communities in particular. It is our intention to develop internships related to the site that will provide budding web developers with an opportunity to get to know the CBC, and our content, a little better. We also hope that the website acts as connective fibre for other CBC initiatives that look to improve our capacity to connect with, and reflect Canada's Aboriginal people. "


Arizona Native Net
"ArizonaNativeNet is a virtual university outreach and distance learning telecommunications center devoted to the higher educational needs of Native Nations in Arizona, the United States and the world through the utilization of the worldwide web and the knowledge-based and technical resources and expertise of the University of Arizona. It is a vital resource for Native Nations seeking to strengthen their nation-building efforts through telecommunications-based higher education, leadership and management training, and distance learning programs offered through ArizonaNativeNet by the University of Arizona."

Vine Deloria flash lecture; Northwest Indian Fisheries Treaties, at Arizona Native Net.


Aboriginal women protest Ottawa's refusal to back UN declaration.
"Aboriginal women from across North and South America marched through the Kahnawake reserve south of Montreal on Friday to protest against Ottawa's refusal to adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples...
Only one other country, Russia, has refused to support it at the Human Rights Council."


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