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Native American / Canadian First Nations News Media

This is, by necessity, an incomplete and evolving list.

Please email/comment links to Native news/media sites that are not listed here, or point out dead/changed links.

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News, newspaper and aggregator sites:

CBC Aboriginal. Aggregating CBC Radio and TV stories. The only major network (Canadian; no surprise) with a dedicated Native section.

Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo. "International Indigenist News"

"Welcome to the web site! This web site is a labor of love staffed by volunteers dedicated to fostering connections and understanding among members of the Puyallup Tribe and the surrounding Native Community."

The Circle; Minneapolis newspaper.

Indian Country Today
"Since 1981, Indian Country Today has been a persuasive voice in American Indian journalism, leading the way with accurate and timely reporting, incisive analysis and pointed commentary. Indian Country Today publishes more original journalistic content on American Indian issues than any other news source..."

WOTANGING IKCHE(Lakota) "Common News"
"Aboriginal/AmerIndian Perspective about the First Nations of Turtle Island"

News From Indian Country (NFIC)
"Indian Country Communications, Inc. is an independent, Indian-owned, reservation based business. We are located on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation in Northern Wisconsin and are one of the few tribally oriented publications that is not owned, or politically controlled by a tribal government..."

Native Times News.
"Operating in both print and electronic media, Native American Times provides news coverage that is specifically tailored to the Native American perspective with the understanding of special issues, such as as sovereign rights, civil rights and government-to-government relationships with the federal government. Because of our unique coverage, civil rights groups such as Amnesty International utilize our services as an oversite tool for the Native American community..."

Navajo Hopi Observer.

Nunatsiaq News
"Nunatsiaq News is an English-Inuktitut weekly newspaper that has served the people of [Nunavut] and the Nunavik region of Arctic Quebec since 1973..."

The Navajo Times.
"The Navajo Times was established by the Navajo Tribal Council in 1959 as a newsletter. The first issue of the Navajo Times newspaper was published in 1960. Its mission is to inform the Navajo people of events, news and issues of importance to them, whether from within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation or throughout the United States..."

The Seminole Tribune.
"...The Tribune is generally regarded as one of the best publications in Indian Country. In 1989, the Seminole Tribune became the first Indian newspaper to win a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. The Tribune was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize that same year by the University of Florida..."


Canku Ota (Many Paths)
"An Online Newsletter Celebrating Native America"

"Every weekday, Indianz.Com publishes two to three features on news worthy issues and/or other topics of interest. You can read stories on a wide range of topics, including legislation, court decisions, health issues, and politics.
We also feature a summary of reporting by other news media. You'll find a quick summary of stories being covered by other reporting agencies, along with relevant information about the story..."

Pechanga.Net An aggregator, with some editorials.

Windspeaker. Occasional publication; other publications (Raven, Sage, Ontario Birchbark, Sweetgrass, Buffalo Spirit) in the AMMSA network linked to, here.

KUNM News aggregation

"Reznet, the online newspaper for Native America, was one of two national finalists in the Society of Professional Journalists' 2005 Mark of Excellence awards as Best All-Around Independent Online Student Publication. In 2003, it won the Native American Journalists Association's Native Media Award for Best Internet News Site.

Founded in 2002, reznet hires about 30 Native American college students nationwide as reporters, editors, photographers, copy editors and multimedia journalists to cover their tribal communities or colleges during the academic year..."

[12-6-07] Yahoo Native American news, aggregator.

[12-6-07] Native Wire Indians.Org aggregator.
"The American Indian Heritage Foundation was establised to provide relief services to Indian people nationwide and to build bridges of understanding and friendship between Indian and non-Indian people."

[12-6-07] The Eastern Door
"The Eastern Door is a community based newspaper serving the Mohawks of Kahnawake regardless of birth, sex, age, language, politics or religion. The paper strives to be a factual, balanced, authoritative source of information with access to all segments of the community."

Native American Press-Ojibwe News Limited web service.

The Native Press.Com
"Thanks for visiting The Native Press online. We are a 100-percent owned and operated Native news service providing information about Native people throughout the Western Hemisphere and elsewhere."

Sho-Ban News
"The Sho-Ban News is published and owned by the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and printed at Bear River Publishing in Preston, Idaho."

Lakota Country Times
"The revival of the Lakota Country Times was born because of the drastic need for a newspaper that was unbiased, professionally prepared, honest and balanced. Too often we find the local Indian newspapers at war with each other and at odds with journalistic ethics. The standards of the old Lakota Times in 1981 were geared to defend the rights of the Lakota, stand up for the People's right to know, and to inform, educate and provide the Lakota People with a forum for their comments without fear of censorship. Those are the goals of the reborn Lakota Country Times. We are a newspaper of the people, by the people and for the people..."

Native TV and Radio:


"Native Public Media promotes healthy, engaged, independent Native communities by strengthening and expanding Native American media capacity and by empowering a strong, proud Native American voice."

"The programming on CFWE-FM The Native Perspective is as diverse and fascinating as the listeners we serve. Presented in a style similar to mainstream radio, our listeners enjoy a broad mix of Aboriginal and country music, English and multi-lingual features and announcements. Whether through music or spoken word, our emphasis is to preserve and promote aboriginal culture."

Native News Net
"a five minute, weekday radio program that covers the social, economic and cultural issues that affect every community, and helps radio listeners understand the interconnectedness between Native people and their non-Native neighbors."

Native Radio.Com

Cree Radio Network. James Bay Cree Communication Society

KUNFM radio

PointsEagle Radio
"We, the Anishnabe people of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, will for the first time in our history, harness today's technology to work for us: in telling our stories, speaking our languages, delivering our news, sharing our views, supporting and promoting our own talented writers, story tellers, composers and musicians."

WOJB radio Hayward, Wisconsin.

Kili - Voice of Lakota
"Kili Radio is the Voice of the Lakota Nation"

Native American Television, Inc
"NATV was originally established for the purpose of training Native American students in news reporting while producing quality television programming about Native American issues, history and culture.
Today, NATV’s mission is to train Native Americans to use multimedia technology to enhance communication among Tribal Nations while informing and educating our fellow Americans about Native American issues, history, language and culture."

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation (KBC) is a nonprofit, Alaska Native governed and operated media center located in Anchorage, Alaska.
"Koahnic" is an Athabascan word in the Ahtna dialect meaning "live air."

Native American Public Telecommunications
"NAPT shares Native stories with the world.
Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) supports the creation, promotion and distribution of Native public media."

American Indian Radio On Satellite

Native Voice One
"Native Voice One (NV1) educates, advocates, and celebrates Native American life and culture by providing a program service from a Native point of view. This service is for everyone interested in Native American news, culture, music, events, and life..."

Native Networks
"In 2001 the NMAI has launched the Native Networks Website to welcome you to the field of Native media throughout the Americas. The site provides information about new productions and media makers, current areas of special interest and accomplishments in the field."

American Indian TV (AITV)
"is being brought into existence by native and non-native people who are passionate to meet the needs never met by local or national channels. Needs such as the preservation of American Indian and Alaskan Native culture, content that reflects Indian values and sensibilities, programming that features Indian artists, artisans, politicians, health care professionals, and story tellers as well as business people and entrepreneurs."

"KSUT provides two radio stations: Southern Ute Tribal Radio 91.3 FM serving the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the communities of Ignacio and Bayfield with Native American and local programming; and Four Corners Public Radio..."

"Voice of the Rosebud Reservation"

Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation
"We preserve, protect and enhance the aboriginal cultures and languages of northern and central Saskatchewan"


Native Peoples
"...the only Indian-oriented magazine sold coast to coast in the United States on major news stands, including Barnes & Noble, Hastings and Borders, and is considered the periodical voice of record of the American Indian community.
It is now published six times a year and while its focus remains on the arts, culture and lifeways of the Native peoples of the Americas, it also reports on topics related to business, health, education, politics, sports, travel in “Indian Country”, the environment, food, language, history and other subjects associated with Native American life past and present."

Redwire. Native Youth Media
"Redwire Native Youth Media Society is a media and arts organization dedicated to Native youth expression."

Spirit Mag "Coming soon", myspace page available.

Say Mag - Canada
"The largest national magazine for and about Native youth - the largest
growing demographic in North America, SAY Magazine, now in our sixth year,
has grown through special lifestyle editions and now features seven
additional themed editions geared to lifestyles of all ages."

Say Mag - USA
"SAY Magazine is an entertaining and attractive lifestyle magazine dedicated to
recogizing American Indian achievements. SAY Magazine regularly publishes four times per year: Winter - Spring - Summer - Fall."

Medicine Bundle
"a magazine that focuses on health, for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Our mission is to provide high quality health information that is relevant and useful to the Aboriginal population of North America; to share experiential stories and lessons learned that help to make a difference; and to create ripples of positive change in the health of our world."

Native Vue
"We’re of the belief that there’s never too much information when it comes to learning more about Native performing arts--films, music, television, theatre and multi-media. The magazines, radio shows, cable programs, and web sites that have started in recent years are evidence of the fertile interest in this genre and each and every one of these media is to be commended for informing the world about these underappreciated artists..."

Indian Comics Irregular
"Learn what's happening at the intersection of pop culture and Indian country. Includes news, reviews, and the latest from Blue Corn Comics."


Native Media Watch
"The purpose of this web site is to expose and combat racism about Aboriginal people in the media."

Indian Burial and Sacred Grounds Watch
"The Indian Burial and Sacred Grounds Watch web site exists as a tool for purveying and disseminating news on relevant issues which may appear on the internet and email lists. Its purpose is not to duplicate the efforts of others but hopefully to assist in the directing of individuals to items of interest..."

Native American Journalists Association
"The Native American Journalists Association serves and empowers Native journalists through programs and actions designed to enrich journalism and promote Native cultures.
NAJA recognizes Native Americans as distinct peoples based on tradition and culture. In this spirit, NAJA educates and unifies its membership through journalism programs that promote diversity and defends challenges to free press, speech and expression. NAJA is committed to increase the representation of Native journalists in mainstream media. NAJA encourages both mainstream and tribal media to attain the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and responsibility."

American Native Press Archives
"The American Native Press Archives began in 1983 as a clearinghouse for information on American Indian and Alaska Native newspapers and periodicals. In the ensuing years, it has evolved from a joint effort of the Department of English and the Ottenheimer Library to a freestanding unit in the University. Its mission has changed from an information exchange to a research facility that collects and archives the products of the Native press and materials related to Native press history, collects and documents the works of Native writers, constructs bibliographic guides to Native writing and publishing, creates digital editions of writers' works, and conducts and publishes original research on topics of importance to Indian communities. It stands today as one of the world’s largest repositories of Native thought."

American Indian Library Association
"the American Indian Library Association is a membership action group that addresses the library-related needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives. Members are individuals and institutions interested in the development of programs to improve Indian library, cultural, and informational services in school, public, and research libraries on reservations. AILA is also committed to disseminating information about Indian cultures, languages, values, and information needs to the library community."