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From BoingBoing; Secret super-copyright treaty MEMO leaked.
"... a draft treaty that does away with those pesky public trade-negotiations at the United Nations (with participation from citizens' groups and public interest groups) in favor of secret, closed-door meetings where entertainment industry giants get to give marching orders to governments in private.
It's some pretty crazy reading -- among other things, ACTA will outlaw P2P (even when used to share works that are legally available, like my books), and crack down on things like region-free DVD players. All of this is taking place out of the public eye..."

Direct link to Wikileaks entry.


Canadian Blog Awards

US quits UN Human Rights Council?

Flash screencast of Firefox3's new features.

Forestry conglomerate giving up logging in disputed forest after 5 year native protest.

Beauty's Bionic Beak

Tribes continued struggle to repatriate remains.
"... For the 50-plus Native Americans and activists that converged on the Witte last weekend, marching, drumming, and singing, the 1930s excavation from the Shumla site represents a sacrilege. To this group, the continued holding of the bones, as well as the ongoing handling they receive, represent the continuation of genocidal practices aimed at wiping out Indian culture..."

Sailing on Rainy Lake [click to enlarge]

Sailing on Rainy Lake. Broken Vulture Art.

Sailing on Rainy Lake. Broken Vulture Art.

Sailing on Rainy Lake. Broken Vulture Art.

Native women of RC Gorman

RC Gorman at Wikipedia.


Southeast Alaska Natives test connection to ancient mariner.
"Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian Indians gathering in Juneau today will get a chance to prove they're directly related to one of the very first Alaskans - a 10,300-year-old mariner whose bear-chewed bones were discovered a decade ago in a cave on Prince of Wales Island..."

Reopening of Tribes 131, Native American art gallery. Norman Oklahoma.


An article about Tlingit musician and glassblower, Preston Singletary.
[From the article.] "I normally say I'm a musician trapped in the body of a glassblower. My visual art is what keeps me rolling along," Singletary said. "I think music would have been my first choice, but it didn't really pan out for me so I kinda fell back on my art career..."

Incredible translation of traditional Northwest Coast forms -mask,rattle,baskets,etc.- to the glass medium.


Native HipHop board/forums.

Local Bead Store Alliance

Toronto area Natives; Exhibit your wearable art. June 30 deadline.

Tim Giago article; Mt. Rushmore Seen Through Native Eyes.
"... you may see them as you have never seen them before... Teddy Roosevelt spoke about how to take the remaining lands of the Indians by war. He said, "It is a primeval warfare and it is waged as war was waged in the ages of bronze and of iron. All the merciful humanity that even war has gained during the last two thousand years is lost. It is a warfare where no pity is shown to noncombatants."
Abraham Lincoln signed off on a horrible execution by hanging of 38 Dakota warriors. It was the largest mass hanging in the history of America. Thomas Jefferson, a slave holder, signed off on the Louisiana Purchase, thus stealing millions of acres of land from the many Indian nations living on that land. In the long run it caused suffering, death and poverty that is still felt in that region even to this day. George Washington ordered the military extermination of the Indian people of New England..."

New Northwest Coast art book on argyllite carving;Breathing Stone: Contemporary Haida Argillite Sculpture. [Via Clint.]

The Fine Line Between Art and History.
"... two murals that reflect an ugly side of Western settlement not shown in the rest of the work. The first illustrates two white settlers who appear to be arguing with a Native American man, and in the next panel, the settlers are preparing a hangman's noose while the Native American kneels between them. The image is shocking in its blatant depiction of such a violent act and deeply unsettling to view in life-sized scale..."

Indian Doll Art Works

Buffy Sainte-Marie performs at the annual Concert of Colors in July, in Detroit.

Zion Canyon Art and Flute Festival June 13 through June 15

Austin Real Rider, Pawnee ceramic sculptorhonoured at the Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival.

How-to: repaint that old bike.

Turquoise Tortoise Gallery ; Sedona.

Review of Celebration 2008: 26th year of the popular dance-and-culture festival.
"Celebration was conceived in 1980 at the first Sealaska Elders conference. At that meeting, Elders asked Sealaska to help preserve and perpetuate the culture of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people. In response, Sealaska founded the Sealaska Heritage Institute, and in 1982, the Institute organized the first Celebration..."

Another Native blog, Native American Flutes and Music

Cincinati's Indian Market and Festival coming up, June 21/22. Sponsored by the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.

In one of the more interesting experiments in Native Art; Red Earth art links cultures, species.
"... Cheyenne-Arapaho artist Brent Learned, 38, teamed up with Asia the elephant from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus to create the unusual piece...
Asia used a variety of colors to create part of the painting first. Learned said he took his inspiration from the shapes the elephant made and created a profile of an old American Indian man.
Asia's brushstrokes can largely be seen in the hair of the old man. Learned equated the collaborative process to looking for shapes in a cloud..."

Walk a mile in my moccasins, at Winterville Mounds State Park, Mississipi.
"... In this weeklong workshop, which begins on June 16, children ages 5 to 12 will create Native American-inspired art like gourd bowls, corn husk dolls, and replica canoes. As as they complete these projects, the participants will also learn about Native American customs, culture, and history..."


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