Thursday, July 10, 2008

dark days and bright sunlight

Large brains arose independently, in New World and Old World monkeys.

Democrat Congress (including Obama) passes Telecom Immunity Bill for administration's illegal wiretapping. Nice.

Portion of an interview with Noam Chomsky, re: 2008 election.

Lake Vostok, lake at the bottom of the world, bottom of the ice.

100 useful web tools for writers.


Canoe Journey Day
"Canoe Journey Day proclamation:

WHEREAS: We gather here today to honor the First Peoples of this land and these waters.
WHEREAS: Tribal canoes will be traveling the traditional highways of their ancestors to Cowichin First Nation in Duncan, B.C., July 28-Aug. 1, journeying from the Pacific Ocean, the waters of British Columbia and Puget Sound.
WHEREAS: Upon these waters and land, the Coast Salish world of the Pacific Northwest is woven together, since time immemorial, with the cedar, salmon, whale and eagle.
WHEREAS: This is a magnificent opportunity for all people to experience, preserve and honor the ancestry and traditions of the Coast Salish way of life.
WHEREAS: Tribal Journeys is a vital and historic event, culturally enriching to all while contributing powerfully to the “Spirit of Place.”
WHEREAS: Tribal Journeys is a journey of healing, hope, honor and hospitality.
WHEREAS: Relationships are strengthened, family ties are renewed and all ages gather together building communities in a good way.
WHEREAS: The spirit of friendship, honor and goodwill between all Nations is a gift we can give the next Seven Generations.
WHEREAS: This is an opportunity for communities, neighbors and supporters of Tribal Journeys to touch each other’s lives.

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that we honor Canoe Journey Day and Coast Salish culture.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that through this proclamation we celebrate the First Peoples’ Traditions and cultures, honoring them as the first inhabitants of this land and these waters."

Manitou Rapids / Rainy River First Nations new war memorial [pics click to enlarge]:

Rainy River First Nations war memorial

Rainy River First Nations war memorial

Rainy River First Nations war memorial

Rainy River First Nations war memorial

Rainy River First Nations war memorial


Arvel Bird, 2006 Nammys.


Norval Morrisseau exhibition, Buckhorn, Ontario. July 5-25, 2008, at Gallery On The Lake.
"... More than 50 pieces will be on display and available for purchase. Included in this exhibit is "Shaman Teaching Thunderbird People" which is five feet by 14 feet. The vast collection makes this the largest exhibition of Morrisseau's works since his solo exhibit at the National Gallery, Ottawa, in March 2006..."

with the producers of Standing Silent Nation.

11th Annual Prescott [AZ] Indian Art Market, July 11 and 12, Sharlot Hall Museum.
"... features both traditional and contemporary works of art, including distinctive jewelry, exquisite ceramics, hand-woven baskets and blankets... An all-Indian artist jury chooses participants based on the quality in both traditional and contemporary styles..."

In Community Spirit--Prevention of HIV/AIDS for Native/American Indian and Alaska Native Women Living in Rural and Frontier Indian Country Program. July 15 deadline.

National Center for Great Lakes Native American Culture.

SacredNation.Com, website for Cherokee recording artist Micheal Jacobs.

A wrtiteup at "Wilford's Trading Post", regarding the work of Clayton Tom, Navajo jeweler.

"Inuit oral stories could solve mystery of Franklin expedition". Duuuhh. From the same people who brought us the "water is wet" story.

Native producers and profile; article and mpo3 download available.
"... When El Pasoan and filmmaker Cristina Ibarra, 35, read a New York Times article about the El Paso City Council approving money to erect a statue of conquistador (conqueror) Oñate, she knew she had a compelling project.
Ibarra, who now lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., was looking for something that would bring her back to her hometown and allow her to join forces with fellow filmmaker John Valadez, 38, who also had family in the area. The two engaged on a seven-year journey documenting the work of John Houser, the sculptor hired to craft a monument to Oñate, and the controversy surrounding the project in The Last Conquistador, which premiers on PBS’ P.O.V. later this month..."


New "museum of Native American Artifacts", opening in Bentonville Arkansas.

While arrowhead collections are interesting, they lose their value as a source of information if they are not catalogued by location and context. Even surface finds can tell the observer something about habitation patterns and hunting methods, if they are mapped and individually locatable on the map. Most arrowhead collections that I have seen are under glass, in frames, arranged decoratively. occasionally in order of size/colour. When asked where a certain piece came from, you get an answer like "somewhere down the Sasquahotchie River". Zero information, in other words.


Upcoming All Nations Green Corn Festival and Gathering Powwow, "Bland County American Indian Heritage Weekend" of July 25-27, Southwest Virginia.

Set designer remembers and feels presence of Norval Morrisseau, while setting up show.

Researchers open secret cave under Mexican pyramid.
"We think it had a ritual purpose. Offerings were placed at the very end of the tunnel as part of the pyramid's construction process..."

"Aboriginal Programming" at the Ottawa Bluesfest [Ontario]. July 3-13, 2008.


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