Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Bingorage / Broken Vulture Art video.

"Random Outdoorsy Clips From Northwestern Ontario"

Some of these pics are included in the video, or have corresponding clips. [Click to enlarge.]

Muskie-bit walleye, at Helliars Rseort.

Muskie-bit walleye.

Lunker perch. We've been catching a bunch of these off the dock at Sportsman's Landing, Clearwater Lake. All the big ones were full of roe, surprising us. This site indicates that perch are early spring spawners, but the roe take 180-some days of "chill" to mature. So, we are looking at next year's spawn.

Lunker perch

Dad gets his hands on a biggun.


Dad bags first grouse with new 20-Gauge.

Decadent feast of grouse, jumbo perch and steak.


Helliars Resort client with crappie fishing bycatch.




Ainslie Podulke van der Stam said...

Makes me lonesome :( Nostalgic. Interesting to see you in non MPLS context.

willie said...

When do we get the deer camp photos?

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Soon.Velly velly sooon.