Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Petition in favour of a coalition government

The conservative party is trying to deny the coalition of NDP, Liberal and BQ from booting their arrogant butts out of the Prime Minter's office and creating the next government.

The last straw that made this incredible circumstances necessary was the Conservatives hamhanded pledge to stop public financing of electoral campaigns (basking in the oily glow of their tarsands backers).

The Tories have been able to hang on as a minority government, as long as they have because the opposition did not wish to put itself in the position of forcing an election. Then Stephen Harper broke his own "fixed date" election law to call the most recent election, feeling that the timing favoured his party.

And now, that the combined opposition has decided to form a coalition government, Stephen Harper is threatening the country with something called "prorogation". Essentially closing the government and taking his ball home until he sees fit.

So; the point of this blog post is to encourage you alls, Canadians, to sign the petition asking the Governor General to give the Conservative extortionists the constitutional smackdown and shepherd the coalition government into reality. Especially after they started gutting arts and culture funding in Canada.


PS My American friends...
Ignore the big words and look at the shiny thing.


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