Monday, August 17, 2009

BingoRage Square-Zeroed by; Anurag Art and PhotoBucket to the rescue

It's grim news, BingoRagers.

My image-hoster,, has finally gone "tits up in the Wabigoon".
[Wabigoon, being a particularly nastily-polluted river in Northwestern Ontario. Documented in "A Poison Stronger Than Love".]

--Isn't this Amazon frame... sexy? and relevant?--

No-one responds to queries or forums there (Zoto) and I am beginning to feel like the last hopeful holdout. I imagine that this is what it must feel like at the end of society, when the last TV viewer cranks their generator and turns on their set, hoping to catch another robo-generated lineup of I Love Lucy, A-Team and brazillian soap opera reruns. One day there is no signal and we sigh, go outside and begin hunting our giant post-nuclear cockroach overlords.


I will have to start using another image-hoster. My archived blog-postings are next to useless, unless someone at zoto develops a conscience and tries to make the thing work again. And, the only good news, that I can see, is that I now have an excuse to post old pictures again and try to see them afresh. Perhaps it will give me an excuse to back and better document/describe what was going on with earlier pieces... but it feels like re-doing paperwork. And I hate paperwork.

So; if you are a new visitor... I beg you to return. There will be more stuff and the lame image-hoster may function again, for a time and the archives will have stuff. I will continue to make and post new stuff, repost and re-comment on old stuff and promise to build an AI to generate post nuclear stuff.

Looking at my Zoto account page ("Upgrade now!") tells me that I have 4172 photos uploaded (most, linked-to in my blog) and my account is PAID until January 2011. Unbelieveable. I would gladly pay more, but nobody is asking me to. The GUI is great, I love the way the whole service is laid out, but there is no hope left. I even found one of the founders on Facebook, but he isn't answering my pleas messages.


Latest: Went down to Minnesota and hung around with the guys at Anurag Art. They have a new, official, website, Please go and check it out. My Anurag fansite, Anurag Art Online, will continue to operate and function as a more variable/weird/random outlet for thems and us. Unfortunately, it has probably been harmed by the fall of, as well. I will post and re-post stuff there, shortly.

The Zackster, at Anurag, has built himself a new house and has started to gussy-up the place. He asked me to paint him a mural (to start) and gave me a pride of place in the cathedral-ceiling living-room, alongst the stairway.

The shape and placement of the piece suggested to me, the classic DuChamp imagery of "Nude Descending Staircase2". A great composition that heralded the arrival of Cubism (OK, OK; there are probably earlier exemplars. Use "comments" to expound.), but did not suggest (to I) his later weird shit, that seems to have more in common with punk rock and Dada. See signed urinal ("Fountain").


The piece that I am working, for Zackster, suggests evolution, or devolution. There will be critters, werecows, crack-penguins, ecstasy, squid, tools and other bits. With a little taste of "Indian" (feather, not dot). Currently in a state of pencil-sketch and first-paint.

Panel, left: Squiddy thing.

mural sketch

Panel, centre: Bird thingeys and fishy thing.

mural sketch,BingoRage brokenvultureart

Panel, right: Human skeletal thingey with transformation thingamajiggy.

mural sketch,BingoRage brokenvultureart

Entire piece, with "first paint" thrown (angle slightly skewed).

mural sketch acrylic paint,BingoRage brokenvultureart


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