Monday, October 05, 2009

First grouse of season.

I sent the following message to my MP (NDP), about the provincial push to create a "harmonised sales tax" in Ontario. The federal NDP and Liberals do not suport the HST proposal, and the Conservatives are distancing themselves from it.

"One ramification of the HST debate that I have not heard elsewhere: Treaty rights. Currently, Ontario status Natives are not required to pay PST; but if taxes are "harmonised", then will First Nations consumers be forced to save receipts and seek reimbursement? Much of this spending will go unreimbursed and allow fed. and prov. government to avoid another treaty obligation."

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Minnesota Public Radio piece about the Minnesota Pipestone Quarry. The Catlinite mined there was traded all around the continent, as the finest stone pipe material


My friend, Gene Stoltzfus, is a peace activist who has been very active in the Middle East. He blogs at "Peace Probe", here's a link to his recent posting, musing about the General McChrystal Afghan War Memo.

The founder of a Miami-based Christian ministry has been arrested in relation to a 1981 triple murder of a tribal leader and his friends, to prevent the expose of an Indian casino ripoff by outside managers.

Unsafe practices by US hamburger producers continues to expose consumers to toxic E. Coli. Cargill and USDA responsible for this dance instructor's paralysis.


Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, November 27, 2009.

Another Native blog, Liberated, Yet? "questions into Indigenous liberation and decolonisation"

10 morals atheism gives me. At Godless Heathen.

2009 NAMMY winners, at Censored News.

Interview with Sherman Alexie; basketball, writing and the importance of offending (at least some) readers. Awesome Native author.

Robert Davidson, Haida artist, 13 years old.

Preston Singletary: Echoes, Fire, and Shadows. Awesome Tlingit glass artist. July 11, 2009 – September 19, 2010; Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA.

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