Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Aloha, BingoRagers;

Sorry about the posting drought. This summer has been a trial, concerning our OAC Northern Arts grant objectives. It seems that we haven't had a three-day stretch of time without rain and/or severe weather. Our muralwall construction had been plagued by the effects of the wet weather and damaged by high winds, early in its build.

Joe's determination and hard work has seen the wall, stage and safe-zone clearing catching up with the season, however. We are still prepared to receive visitors and public participants this weekend, for "The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" event. If you can be here for the 6 and 7'th of August, we will put paint and papier mache in your hands and set you to art-ing. If you wish to contribute paint, please bring only new or "viable" housepaint/ acrylic art-paints, brushes and rollers. Also, cobbles and boulders can be brought to add to the trailsides, new petroforms and existing monuments. Remember to bring clothing that can get dirty; and if you will be camping, then bring tent, mosquito repellent, BYOB (19+).

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(Thumbs click for detail.)

We continued the new wall, off the older test wall; but we decided to remove and replace the existing sheets with thicker material.

Spirit Fire Park mural wall / safety wall; Broken Vulture Art.

Spirit Fire Park mural wall / safety wall; Broken Vulture Art.

Here's my Dad, helping prime the new, damaged wall; after a big windstorm.

"First paint". Primer doesn't count.

New gate, going up.

Because of the late hours that I keep, much of the initial painting on the front wall, was done in the dark.

Joseph in front of his budding dragon.

An Orca; just because.

Zombie hand? Must mean something profound.

Ontario provincial bird and speedcourt peephole.

Repurposed test-wall sheets.

New stage and plenty of blank wall.

Rodney brown is still scheduled to perform Saturday night, around 7'ish. Please bring a friend. SFP and BVA will have our videos and a "theatrical presentation" (of some sort), as well. The following video features his song, "The Big Lonely", in accompaniment of the "CutFoot/Beast" painting.


Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council; for their generous support.
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Frank Zweegers said...

This is what I call a space for creating art. Some cool graffiti you have there