Saturday, February 14, 2015

Transformation: Blank canvas, Sewing Elf and Daikaiju Killer. (2009 - 2015)

March 2009.
Originally, this canvas was started with an olive'ish green background, and then a sketch of a thread spool taking up a substantial portion of the image area. By the end of this stage, I had added the needle, thread and button, as well as some geometric planes in the background.

April 2009
Button, spool and thread details. Sewing Elf appears.

November 2012
Beadwork added; Mizhepezhou emerges with paint and beads.

February 2013
"I Paid Flanagan!" This phrase was added to the composition after I listened to a "Tell 'Em Steve Dave" podcast, wherein a known curmudgeon and confirmed freedom-hater, Walter "Inky" Flanagan
was complaining about his fans not buying their Xmas package and probably downloading it illegally. I bought their stinkin' Xmas package, and I'd do it again!
Anyways... That is why I painted "I Paid Flanagan" on the canvas. Not really relevant to the other subject manner, though; is it?
Maybe, this is where the composition starts to fail.
Fucking Flanagan.

November 2013
Dark. So dark.
Flanagan excised, second Mizhepezhou and Orange Roughy appear.

April 2014
Moon and die appear.
Composition vibrates strongly.

May 2014
Canvas continues to shake, composition begins to disintegrate.

Kaiju Killer, June 2014
Sewing Elf becomes Kaiju Killer.
Rotate 90 degrees, add teeth. See the eye in Mizhepezhou's gut. The Daikaiju's upper jaw follows the line of the thread. The spool's left half becomes muzzle. Daikaiju acquires burning building by the end of the session.

Bold yellow strokes define Daikaiju and embody the (Dai)Kaiju Killer.
Kaiju Killer gets a headdress.
Sewing Elf is gone.
The breath weapon is already implied; some sort of energy-ball.

Kaiju Killer, July 10, 2014
Kaiju Killer's big right mitt is powering up.

December 2014
Daikaiju goes green.

Daikaiju Killer, January 2015
Kaiju Killer rightly becomes Daikaiju Killer.
I read in an article that the Japanese word "Kaiju" meant "monster" and that "Daikaiju" meant "giant monster" and was more appropriate to Godzilla and the kind of monsters that I have started to toy with. Thus, the name change.

In order to make the beast look less reptilian, I add Cthulic tentacles and Wolfen crown.
Fire erupts in the Daikaiju breath-weapon.

Daikaiju adds a bus to his collection.

February 2015
All that is left of the original composition is the six-sided gaming die, at the point of rotation.

Daikaiju has acquired 2, or 4, new eyes; he is not a reptile.
His fireball is glorious, from a purely aesthetic view and not burning boots-on-the-ground Daikaiju-realities. Nice bracelet.

Daikaiju Killer is counting off a boxing combo. Do we really want our superheroes to still be in boxing class? I think he came from a nearby powwow.

Why did the #SewingElf have to die? I'm not sure. All I can tell you, really, is that he wasn't cooperating.
Mizhepezhou are proof to the whims of men; don't worry about them.
Sewing supplies are insanely cheap nowadays, and it's a skill that everyone should learn.

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