Thursday, June 16, 2005

North Dakota readying to launch bioterror attack on Manitoba.

The level of Devil's Lake (ND) has been steadily rising over the last half century. The local County, State and Federal (US) agencies involved have had to move hundreds of houses and buildings; several roads and other infrastructure have been damaged. The unilateral solution of the local ggovernment is to pump water from Devil's Lake into the Sheyenne River. The problem with this? Devil's Lake is in a different water basin and the drainage into the Sheyenne River, another drainage basin that leads to the Red River and Lake Winnipeg.

This will lead to the introduction of exotic species of bacteria, fish parasites and agricultural pollution to the continent's biggest walleye fishery.

Naturally people in Manitoba are pissed and demanding that the issue go to the IJC - International Joint Commission (on boundary waters; USA/Canada)for some other resolution. The North Dakotans point out that they tried that route in the nineties, but Canada wouldn't come to the table, so tough luck. (In a similiar dispute, Montana is claiming that BC mining actions will pollute their water, but Canada is unwilling to come to the IJC; a little hypocritical? link

Of course, North Dakota claims that there will be no impact on the water quality of their new downstream dump, but that just means that they'll apologize later.

Satellite map of Devil's Lake.

Where is Devil's Lake?

Aboriginal group in Northern Manitoba calls for stop to diversion.


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