Thursday, June 30, 2005

Some news from the red side of the tracks.

I'm listening to the inaugural CBC broadcast of THE RED EDGE, a "new half-hour of 'totally aboriginal' radio from Winnipeg." Sounding good, so far. Funny.

I was listening to a comedy routine by an Ahnishnahbeh comic, Don Kelly, and laughed so hard that I did a quick search and pulled up this page, about a film exploring Canadian Native Humour, by Drew Hayden Taylor.

I was happy to read the name of Thomas King associated with the project. I am a fan of his novel Green Grass, Running Water, which was a runner-up for CBC's "Canada Reads" - 2004 . I was privileged to meet him in St. Paul, MN, while he was still a prof. there. He took my pic for his "lone ranger project". (mentioned here) If I find out the status of the project, I shall report.

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