Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Review of Broken Vulture Art, Part 1.

I'd like to say "Hi." to my new readers. Rather than forcing you to dig through the archives to find the older pics of paintings and sculpture, I've collected some links to previous work, here. This is not a comprehensive review, but a smattering of 'stuff'; please feel free to root through the archives.

Some coral-stitch earrings.

Some coral-stitch earrings.

Some coral-stitch earrings.

Some coral-stitch earrings.

A bronze casting of "Twisted", a 'mask'.

Current incarnation of a painting: "Miss Loontrout got a crappy boobjob. Mister and Mrs. Crack-Penguin pull their tired, old William Tell Routine. Nanabush is still in the world."

Papier-mache "seeker" figure.

Papier-mache "Warrior" mask.

Forget the exact title: Loon being accosted by crack-penguins.

Old pencil and acrylic self portrait.

Leather and beadwork tobacco pouch.

Papier-mache "Deer" masks, in progress.

Bronze: "Hawk-Human Transformation" (base not shown).

Large Whitetail Deer antler/hide rattle.

Crack-Penguin Creation Myth (from scan).

Face/Turtle woodcut print.

Beadwork detail from painting: "Sasquatch dodges another .50cal. musketball".

Square-headed" rattle, with beading (fuzzy pic).

Papier-mache mask and clay mould.

Cedar mask; with metal, moose hair and deer antlers.

"Tree of Life". Leather, acrylic, grapevine, hemp.

"Hand Rattle".

Beaded and painted rattle.

Papier - mache statuette: "Here I come!"

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will said...

wow man, its like an eck louvre! you got a lot of nice shit man. swear to god i'll get myself a spot on the innerweb sooner than later. i am awful busy with my immigrant assimilation school at the moment...

will said...

ps: care to share your paper mashie recipe or is it an ancient canuck shinnob secret?

will again said...

pps: the link titled forget the title loon being assaulted by crack penguins actually seems like it may be one of your seeker figures.

JLB said...

I enjoyed the tour!

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Okay will. Papier-mache secret: corn starch and water. That's it; heat slowly until it goes from thin milky liquid to a thicker, more transparent gel.

Congratulations; you just made flavourless gravy/papier-mache paste.

I'll fix the loon/crack-penguin link right now.