Thursday, February 09, 2006

Review of Broken Vulture Art, Part2.

Recent incarnation of "Soul Harvest"

untitled? Pic of some bird/hominid figure with 'shamanic canoe' under its arm.

"Old Man" papier mache mask incorporated into wall painting.

"Old Man" mask, in progress.

"3 Tenors of Frog Creek" Acrylic on canvas and papier mache.

"First Contact"

Papier mache, paint, shell marble thingie, on plywood.

"Jeff Healey"

"Turtle Code", detail.

"Chalice; Mid-Transformation." acrylic on plywood and wall or canvas.

Take my staplegun... please.

Tea In The Sahara - VI. pencil, acrylic, chalk.

"the One That Got Away". Papier-mache.

"Mukwa Heals".

Update: February 11, 2006.

Few more tidbits.

Papier-mache turtle statuette and puppet rattle, taking shape.

First stages of Miss Loontrout, etcetra..." Original canvas construction and initial papier- mache attachment.

Second stages of Miss Loontrout, etcetra..." Adding first paint.

Creating the papier mache....for "Miss Loontrout, etcetra"

Three blank versions of the "Warrior" mask.

Original BVA logo idea from March, 1999. Current Bingorage background image.

Papier-mache figure - "Why".

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JLB said...

There were some in here I hadn't seen before! Oooo this is so much fun... thanks again for sharing! I should really sit down and comb the archives myself...

will said...

how about a photo tour of the bingorage studio? without prettying the place up for the camera! and a brief history telling like how long you been there and crap like that.

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Good idea. It will have to wait until I escape Winterpeg.