Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bingorage: in the capitol.

Dad and I drove down to Ottawa in two twelve-hour driving jags.

We saw A moose calf and cow, several racoons, innumerable turkey vultures circling landfills and several specimens of the wily Homo Americansis: feeding in ditches, soiling local lakes and globbing around the edges of Highway 17.

My camera needs a new memory chip; then I will post some pics and stuff when we rehome.

Here's a link to the FF Times article about "the bass project". I'll be polishing it off when I get back and finding him a home.

Click the bass below to see the updated
"Bingorage FFCBC Bass Project" gallery.

bass bitmap, bingorage, broken vulture art, Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship


big dumb farmboy said...

i thought canadias captitol was in england somewhere. nice bass baby. does it sing take me to the river like billy the bass at the viking? did you know the queen is closed forever? the just had their last blue monday. funny a bushistan refugee can possess such info living across the water and then some.

JLB said...

Just wish I could have seen it in person. :)