Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Paintball, video, paint and canvas

I have been doing some work with the Spirit Fire Paintball Park in Devlin, Ontario. Cool facilities with a lot of potential for art fun and growth. I went out this weekend to do a little filming and put together my first clip for the park;
Hard Entry (link).

I used Jumpcut, an online video editing and hosting site. Unlike Youtube, which doesn't (yet) have an editing feature.

I am working on a second papier-mache bass sculpture (bottom right of pic), that will probably not be painted in a naturalistic manner; but, used as a "canvas" for a scene. I have added some 'blue circles' on the side of the first bass, perhaps to contain some sort of secondary imagery.

The painting, Pungi Wiisii Niias was ripped when another canvas fell against it (detail pics, here). I'll figure some way to incorporate the fix, in the final composition.

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