Tuesday, November 28, 2006

it is winter

Update: November 29 -- cleaned up a bit of sloppy HTML. Finally caved-in and got a new computer, as well. I am taking it out for a spin and will let you know how she handles.

Lake, just north of Nestor Falls, Ontario

I just read a little newz blurb, about a Native American Artist seeking backing to build a "21-story" (207' tall)bronze statue of a Native American warrior.

Holy Cow!!!!!

Wikipedia article about the statue, to be title "The American". Now, that is a statue I would travel to see.
(Shan)Gray, who is part Osage, has built a career on large-scale sculptures of Oklahoman sports figures such as New York Yankees pitcher Allie "Superchief" Reynolds and Heisman trophy winner Billy Vessels...


Here's another one of my mum's favourite little thingies. A woodknot carving of a whimsical face. There is a carved set of initials, "TB", on the back. It's a heavy, resinous chunk of wood; no idea which type.

burl whimsy

burl whimsy back


bronze joan of arc, clown

Click the clown to visit the guys at Anurag Art.

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