Saturday, June 30, 2007

Canada Day

I have been remiss, this week, in not mentioning that I have had a painting (Miss Loontrout...) on display at Ho-Joe Cafe, in Kenora, Ontario. I would like to thank Laura at MudHawk Consulting, for finding and inviting me to show with her. Today is the last day (that I know of) of the display, so if you are in Kenora... Check It Out.

Here's to bravery and speaking truth:

Arab Woman Takes On Muslim Cleric - Watch more free videos

Random stuff:

Aboriginal Voics Radio. The site is under construction, but you can get the streaming radio there.

Oldest intact ivory carving found. Thought to be 35 000 years old.

The Mammoth site, Hot Springs, South Dakota.
"Travel back to the time when Ice Age mammoth, camel, and giant short-faced bear roamed the Great Plains of North America. Imagine a sudden collapse of a 60 foot deep karst sinkhole. Bubbling from the bottom, a warm spring percolates through the layers of limestone, now creating a large steep-sided pond. Picture thirsty animals venturing down to the water below...then, after drinking, animals unable to gain a foothold to escape. The sinkhole was a deathtrap."



big dumb farmboy said...

didja geta recent snailmail from me?

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Yeah. Thanx for the Finnish Aboriginal-Honouring.