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National Aboriginal Day

National Aboriginal Day; CBC article.

Update: Tonight on CBC radio at 8pm CST, channel 137 sirius satellite radio;
"RED MOON. The play is a re-envisioning of the classic Midsummer Night's Dream set at the Calling Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan. "


The following video documents the (unfinished) evolution of the "Miss Loontrout..." painting. The full name of the piece, is: "Miss Loontrout got a crappy boobjob. Mr. and Mrs. Crack-Penguin pull their tired, old William Tell routine. Nanabush is in the world.". The audio was pulled from the 2003 Burning Man, Palenque Norte lecture by Daniel Pinchbeck "2012...A Change in How We Experience Time". The speaker is John Hoopes, who chimed in to spell out the Mayan calendar, for the audience.

Here's a few pics from the clip; click to enlarge.

Miss Loontrout... Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Miss Loontrout... Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Miss Loontrout... Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Random resources, news and stuff:

O'odham ancestors unearthed
"The remains are currently in the possession of the tribal government’s cultural authority – an institution that has a non-O'odham director. Initially, when the remains were unearthed during construction of the "Vehicle Barrier," the tribal government authorities stopped the construction to investigate the findings.

Unfortunately, they failed to protect the remains from desecration as is required of them under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990 (NAGPRA). According to O'odham witnesses that were employed by the Department of Homeland Security as monitors, three non-O'odham workers removed the remains from the burial site. The remains were then bagged, boxed and removed from the location."

O'odham petition


All Roads Film Project
"National Geographic All Roads Film Project showcases breakthrough film and still photography from indigenous and under represented minority cultures around the globe. Launched in 2004, All Roads supports diverse cultural perspectives with an international film festival, funding, networking, and distribution opportunities to bring together voices that celebrate the vibrant cultural stories of our world. "

The Center For Native American Public Radio

NY Sun article
"... Buffy Sainte-Marie. For baby boomers, she was an idiosyncratic folk singer whose peers included Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Mimi FariƱa, and others in the nascent folk movement of the early 1960s..."

List of Native authors.

Tim Giago article.
"Headlines in many newspapers last week announced that Indian casinos had brought in a record $25 billion dollars last year. What they did not say is that on reservations such as the Navajo, Rosebud, Pine Ridge, Crow Creek, Blackfeet and Crow, unemployment is as high as 50 to 80 percent. That the average income is less than $5,000 annually. That the average life span is about 55 years of age. That the infant mortality rate is 3 times the national average. That on some reservations the diabetes epidemic claims 50 percent of the total reservation population. That many homes are without electricity or indoor plumbing. That there is such a need for housing that some of the available homes house as many as three families.
But nowadays the average American reads about the $25 billion raked in by the rich casino tribes last year and shrugs it off with distaste, probably with some envy and not without a little anger at all Indian tribes..."

"According to an ancient Mayan Calendar we are living in the last days of a great cosmic cycle known as the "Long Count." Traditionally, this is labeled as the Death of the Fourth period of the Sun and the Birth of the new Fifth Sun. The Maya keep accurate and detailed records of cosmic cycles, Earth's transitions and extreme changes in civilizations' collective consciousness. Indigenous traditions and world religions as well as Platonic philosophy view the current phase of existence as a harbinger of radical adjustment in our perception of reality. The birth of the 5th Sun signifies a "Shift of the Ages."

Native American Public Telecommunications is seeking proposals for 60-minute shows

From an email notice:

Please share this opportunity with Aboriginal arts and cultural organizations.

"The Cultural Olympiad will build over three years, launching in 2008 with an anticipated program of some 40 to 50 events comprising more than 100 performances and exhibitions. In 2009, participation and anticipation will increase with an expanded one- year countdown celebration. And, in 2010, the Cultural Olympiad will reach its crescendo with the Olympic and Paralympic Arts Festival – a transformative arts and culture program that will create memories and legacies to last a lifetime and inspire a generation.

2008 CELEBRATION – Request for Proposals (deadline of July 16th) for [Canadian] arts and cultural organizations interested in co-producing or co-presenting events during the period of Feb 1- March 21, 2008. There is a specific reference to Aboriginal Arts and cultural organization in the categories of proponents."


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