Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last gasp, for icefishin' - Spring 2008


Voting machine meltdown ongoing.

In one case, Democrat candidate name removed from electronic voting machines. In another case, voting-machine manufacturer sues to prevent investigation of their machines, after alleged tampering.


An 'open letter', from Rainy River First Nation. [PDF Document].


Native leaders sentenced to jail in mining protest.
"Native leaders from a remote Northwestern Ontario reserve were sent to jail in handcuffs yesterday for opposing mining on their traditional lands... A few hours later in the Ontario Legislature, New Democratic Party Leader Howard Hampton blamed the court decision on the McGuinty government's "complete and utter failure" to consult aboriginal communities about mineral exploration..."

"National Indigenous Times is Australia's leading Indigenous Affairs news provider."

Tibetan crackdown continues. Roundup at BoingBoing.

Arthur C.Clarke passes away.


Another Native Art Blog; Azcarmen Contemporary American Indian Art
"I am an enrolled member of the Chickasaw Nation of Ada, Oklahoma. I am very interested in the success of Native Americans in higher education and serve on the board of Oregon Indian Education Association, as well as, on the OCIPSE board."

Clovis dudes and dudettes may have croaked the last mammoth, but apparently, they didn't kill off California's flightless sea duck.

Sherman Alexie muses about identity at LAWeekly.
"... I turn the corner and see him, the Indian guy onstage. He’s taller than me. His skin is much darker. His black hair is twisted into perfect braids. I’m jealous. I mean, yes, I’m a handsome guy, but the man onstage is gorgeous. He looks far more Indian than I do..."

Native Blog, Waterbird's Nest.

Monument Valley Film Festival seeking submissions. June 6, 2008 deadline.

A very cool demonstration of a papercut animation technique.

First Nations remains to be reburied on Gulf Island.
"...the bones of about 60 people, some up to 2,500 years old, will be buried in a casket about 30 metres from where they were found, overlooking the scenic harbour at Poets Cove..."


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