Thursday, March 13, 2008

springtime for olympics, und china

Peaceful protests in Tibet getting the Chinese treatment. They have actually closed Mount Everest (their side), probably until the olympic torch passes.

China admits sending in troops to quell Tibetan monk demos.

Tibetan Uprising Global Newsfeed, at Students For Free Tibet.


This is a great, pulsing song, from Alternative Tentacles Records; featuring a collaboration of Jello Biafra and NoMeansNo.
"Just as Morrissey is the best current lyricist about relationships, no one can touch Biafra in his scathing social parody and insight. And when Nomeansno get really unleashed on "The Myth is Real - Let's Eat" (with the most pulverizing three chord Ramones riff heard since "Bad Brain" or "I've Gone Mental") the music takes on the glorious stomp of greatness..."


Robert Mirabal, Grammy Award-Winning Musician To Give March 19 Talk In Boulder.

Exhibition features early Native American art and images.
"The Thorburn/Buechel exhibition, a collection of Native American art and images, will be on display in the South Dakota Art Museum through Feb. 22, 2009."

Another Native Blog, From The Horse's Mouth.
"Renee Sans Souci (Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa) is a poet and educator. As a child, Renee was strongly influenced by the images and struggles of Native people during the 20th century. Her poetry and writing reflect the thoughts and feelings of being Native in this contemporary time period of the 21st Century..."

2008 Young Native Writers Essay Contest. Entry Deadline is April 15, 2008 [USA students]a.

urban Shaman Gallery [Homepage link]. Rosalie Favell "Cultural Mediations", March 14 - April 26, 2008.
"M├ętis artist Rosalie Favell is a well-known photographer whose work has appeared in numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in venues stretching from Glasgow, Scotland to Santiago, Chile"

"Native American Legends", at

Black Ash Basketry Conference; May 15,16,17, 2008. Posted at Native blog, Turtle Talk.

Native American Public Telecommunication’s Native Radio Theater [pdf link] announces winners of 2008 script contest.
"• friends, written by Marcie Rendon (White Earth Ojibwe), is a vibrant vignette about three generations of Native women who have a conversation about friendship, motherhood and lice.
Last Summer with the Pigeons, written by Rhiana Yazzie (Navajo), discloses the adventures of a few Dakota children and their discovery of a lost baby pigeon at a time when the skies were filled with billions of passenger
The Creature Rises, written by Sara Parker (Mandan-Hidatsa/Cree), discloses the evils of an electric company’s plot to steal uranium from the reservation by enlisting the aid of a female cashier as a spy."

17 ways to get bloggers to write about you. Article by Cory Doctorow, of BoingBoing. I think that I will begin to separate the artworks on my own blog from the linkie-posts (like this) in order to make them more link-friendly for others; per #3:
"Have a link for everything. Don't have a single page with ten items on it. Blogging a link to the top of your fifty-screen-long page with a blurb about something halfway down generates 200 e-mails from readers who can't find the referenced item."


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