Monday, September 29, 2008

Election season. I feel dirty.

Oldest known rocks in the world, found on shores of Hudson Bay.

Google will pony up $10 000 000.00, if you've got an idea to help "change the world by helping as many people as possible". Project 10 to the 100. Deadline, October 20, 2008.

Once again, I highly recommend Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo / Intelligent Aboriginal News Service, for the Indigenous news that the mainstream media isn't carrying.

Native man dies in Winnipeg emergency waiting room, after waiting being ignored, for 34 hours.

Native voters in the U.S.; check to make sure that you are registered to vote. There have been ongoing campaigns to "disenfranchise" minority voters in some areas.

Inuit balk at Nunavut gold mine's English-only rule.

Anti-abortion amendment attached to Indian Health Care Improvement Act.
"... But the victory is dampened by a poison pill provision slipped in by Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) that explicitly restricts abortions under IHS programs. The amendment was approved along with the bill in February...
Speaking at a Right to Life rally in January, Vitter boasted that his amendment put "clear, strong, pro-life language in that Indian healthcare bill."... "It's a race-based amendment, because it's trying to reduce our right to access abortion more than any other race of women in this country," says Charon Asetoyer of the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center... But since the Vitter amendment would not dramatically change current abortion policies at IHS, the bigger concern is that it will sink the Native health bill altogether, killing prospects for a much needed funding infusion.That would still be a victory for Vitter, who voted against the bill even with his amendment.... "


Lawn Johnny says: "Whut yous lookin' at?"

Johnny cat


Another Native film production company, Pine Needle Blankets Productions.

Bye Bye Beneshe explores Two Spirit identities.Runs to October 11, 2008; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
"An inner-city drama club tries to stage a Cree version of Bye Bye Birdie in the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company's production of Bye Bye Beneshe.
The play, a comedy with serious elements, is being performed by youth actors who are part of the theatre's Circle of Voices program..."

Tim Giago article, My Advice to Aspiring Young Writers

2008 Kansas City Indian Festival. October 4-5, 2008.

Nine Mile Canyon Coalition.
"Located high on the side of a sheer cliff in a rugged place in central Utah named Nine Mile Canyon is an ancient petroglyph dating back over 1,000 years... Almost as fascinating as the petroglyph, is where it was carved... over 100 feet above ground on the side of a cliff. Unfortunately, this panel, along with 1000's of other ancient works of art, are in danger of being destroyed by industrial gas and oil development in the area..."

Online exhibit from Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Beauty Surrounds Us. [Flash site.]

Nice blog post about Tiahuanaco. Great pics.

Archaeologists fight nature, industry to protect area aboriginal structures.
"... The group is conducting what it calls the Colorado Wickiup Project, a project to document little-researched primitive shelters known as wickiups and other wooden aboriginal structures in the state.
The group already is in a race against time, thanks to the natural rate of decay of wood. But its efforts are becoming more urgent, thanks to Colorado's energy development boom. Much of that boom consists of oil and gas drilling in northwest Colorado, which overlaps the locations of many of the state's known wickiup sites. Many of those sites are believed to have been used by the Ute Indians..."

Nice blog post at Kindred Folk regarding Native Art collection at MaryHill Museum of Art.

The Art of Ceremony: Regalia of Native Oregon.
"... features what the tribes consider their finest artwork, items they wear and use in private ceremonies and rituals. Hand-crafted dance outfits, jewelry, staffs, headdresses, musical instruments and a 21-foot cedar canoe — many on loan from Native families across the state — are among the items to be displayed..."

Great Falls, Montana. Retrospective exhibit of George Longfish, at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, until November 15, 2008.

Native music and artist interviews podcast, Indigitunes.
" is a weekly podcast featuring music from Native American artists. Selections include Pow Wow, traditional, flute, jazz, rock, and more!..."

Not just another Native Blog; Daughter of Tse Whit Zen documents the destruction of a graveyard -and a community- by developers in Port Angeles, Washington State.

Amazon Art Institute Helps Recover Indigenous Roots.

Haida Gwaii welcomes new heritage center.
"... The heritage center, also known as the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kaay Linagaay, sits in the same spot as an ancient Haida village. Festivities began Aug. 23 with a traditional food burning to honor their ancestors and a parade of clans. As the parade drew near the facility, three new cedar canoes were launched followed by the official ribbon-cutting with a cedar bark rope.
"This has been a dream of the community of Skidegate for 30 years, from the time the first museum opened in 1976,'' said museum director Nathalie Macfarlane." The idea of expanded facilities is to provide more educational opportunities and to bring home, or repatriate, a portion of the Haida materials being held in museums throughout Canada and the U.S. The museum will also bolster the growing tourism industry by providing a focal point for that here..."



Anonymous said...

Some interesting material. Can't believe the poor man in Winnipeg who died at the hospital.
Love the Johnny Cat though.....miss the kitties!!:)

Peter N. Jones said...

Interesting post. I've added your site to the Other Blogs on or by Indigenous Peoples.

Keep it up.

Peter N. Jones said...

Interesting post. I've added your site to the Other Blogs on or by Indigenous Peoples.

Keep it up.