Thursday, September 04, 2008

tomato harvest time

A huge story that I had heard nothing about in the mainstream media.

U.S. Agents Seize Horses of 2 Defiant Indian Sisters.
"... The Dann sisters, the last Shoshone family living in this valley about 270 miles east of Reno, have refused to pay grazing fees on any of what was once indisputably Western Shoshone territory, nearly 26 million acres in Nevada, about two-thirds of the state. They contend that the Shoshones never legally ceded that land to the government..."

Dann Sisters Hold Firm as Western Shoshone HR884 Turns Public Law 108-270.
"President George W Bush signed HR884 / PL 108-270 into law which distributes 15 cents per acre to the Western Shoshone Nation. The land is marked for gold extraction, nuclear testing and to expand Yucca Mountain for a nuclear waste repository."

Wholphin 5 Interview with Beth & George Gage, Directors of American Outrage.
"... for the past 30 years the U.S. government has been quietly, illegally, re-claiming land it had previously ceded to Shoshone Indians and then selling it off to various mining interests. Did you know about this? Neither did we. Despite the fact that the United Nations has passed a resolution condemning our government’s action’s against the Shoshone, actions which at times have involved physically roughing up 70-year-old Shoshone grandmothers, most of us have never even heard of this crisis..."


How to Write With Style; by Kurt Vonnegut.

'Pristine' Amazonian region hosted large, urban civilization, study finds.
"... Around the communities the scientists found dams and artificial ponds that indicate inhabitants farmed fish near their homes. They also found the remnants of open areas and large compost heaps suggesting widespread near-town cultivation... "

"New Giant Clam Found; May Have Fed Early Humans"
"... The apparent near collapse of the species around that time likely points to overharvesting by early hunter-gatherers..."

"4,500-year-old ice shelf breaks away" from Ellesmere Island.

The Havasupai tribe is seeking flood relief assistance.

Youth in iconic RNC protest photo was later beaten by police, according to his mother.
"... There are no words to adequately describe how we feel about the horrors that our son experienced today. Keith may not be a man yet but he has always been true to his beliefs. Today, while attending the Republican National Convention Protest to demonstrate his personal disapproval of the war in Iraq, five officers from the St. Paul Police Department beat him mercilessly. When we picked him up we found him bloody, covered in bruises and scrapes, alone and in need of medical attention.

I have always taught my children that the police are there to protect and serve. They care about those in the community and most are decent men and women, doing a really difficult job. After this experience, I only wish that I could continue standing by that belief..."

"Haudenosaunee Grandmothers File Suit Against Canada"
"... No steps have been taken to charge the Canada Border Services Agents CBSA who assaulted Katenies and Kahentinetha on June 14th 2008. Kahentinetha suffered a trauma induced heart attack. They tried to beat Katenies to a pulp. They act like this is “business as usual”. The prosecutors have not done their duty. Because of this there has been no public investigation and the crime has been swept under the carpet..."

Rushing River

Rushing River, Northwestern Ontario. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Rushing River, Northwestern Ontario. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Rushing River, Northwestern Ontario. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Nestor Falls

Nestor Falls, Northwestern Ontario. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Nestor Falls, Northwestern Ontario. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Nestor Falls, Northwestern Ontario. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Kakagi Lake

Kakagi Lake, Northwestern Ontario. Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.


Pither's Point Park, a hot topic. The lease will be up, soon; but to whom will the land be returned to?

alterNative Media (aNm)
"... aNm's blog highlights our interaction with Indigenous culture and popular media (comic books, video games, digital media/art, etc.) as well as providing exciting information about Natives in the digital frontier..."

Urban Shaman Gallery, Winnipeg, MB. "DANCE TO THE BERDASHE" August 28 - October 4th, 2008.

Does Native American exhibit belong at Mount Rushmore?

Another article from Tim Giago. "The Difference Between Victims and Victimhood"

ABTEC. ABoriginal TErritories in Cyberspace. [Interesting idea, but not much content, yet.]

New Zealand Maori; part of international "indigenous film" industry.
"... Bird Runningwater, of California, says the indigenous film industry is "teetering" on the brink of global success.
"We are at the beginning of a major industry breakthrough but there is still work to be done. We need to encourage a broader indigenous audience base and develop business sensibilities in the market place..."

My buddy, Ryan Mcmahon, is putting together a new website to consolidate his stuff;

First annual Native E-Music Awards.
"The mission and purpose of the Native-E Music Awards® is to recognize and honor our Native American and Aboriginal people's musical talents and achievements. To present these talents and achievements on a global stage. To nurture and inspire the talent and goals of our Native American and Aboriginal people by creating and presenting opportunities for their musical talent to be reviewed, exposed and marketed to the broader mainstream music industry.

The Native-E Music Awards® will aspire to create a global awareness of our Native American and Aboriginal musical talent and build a bridge of opportunity for that talent to step out onto the mainstream stage."

Prominent Santa Fe businesses accused of selling fake Native jewelry, falsely attributed to prominent Native jewelers.

Big Canadian Native Art contest; Peace Hills Trust, 26th Annual Native Art Contest Information. Deadline coming up, September 12, 2008.

National Indian Education Association (USA) convention coming up, October 22-26, 2008.

Metis Festival, September 6-7, 2008; Ottawa, Ontario.

5th Annual Native American Day, Sept. 13 at Pfeiffer Museum.

An article, introducing artist Richard Skyhawk. His official website

Great post about Native art at the Heard Museum at Touch The Wind blog.

New Native Blog, Urban Ndn.

Fate of Miller collection up in the air. Large collection of Native artifacts.

5th Annual Native American Basketweavers’ Market, Sept 6 @ Gatekeeper’s Museum, Tahoe City.

Missouri cave paintings give ancient insight
"... The figures on the walls of the cave in east-central Missouri now provide crucial details of the prehistoric timeline of the region. And there's recent evidence that the paintings in Picture Cave predate the Cahokia Mounds as the birthplace of what archaeologists refer to as the Mississippian period..."

A mysterious e-mail leads [Lipan Apache] artist to Kazakhstan.

Article about Native glass-artist, Ira Lujan, at Tribal Artery. Prairie Dog Glass.


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