Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Planned changes for Bingorage website.

Planned Changes For Bingorage website

In order to make the main page and archive pages load faster: a) Most third party directory links will be assigned to the static "Bingorage Links Page" (BLP) and removed from the blog's template. b) There will be fewer third party scripts running on the front page and archive pages. Third party scripts may run on the BLP. c) The number of posts on the main page may be reduced and smaller, more frequent installments will be posted. e) The page design will be cleaned up, updated and made less glaring. (Not... less colourful.)

The affected link associates will have their directories -and my accounts- updated to reflect the BLP. Directories that no longer have representation on my front page and archived pages will be informed to reflect the update; such directories may remove Bingorage from their database, according to their terms of service, but most will reflect the updated account information, BPL and web site.

Links that are required by my main service providers and media hosters (Blogger, Zoto, Youtube, etc.) will be maintained on the main page and archives.

The advertising footprint will be reduced and made more harmonious with the site.

More written articles with fewer link posts will be made. More of the text will be original Bingorage content rather than quoted third party content in these posts. The news and arts "linky posts" will still have a significant proportion of quoted text, (in blockquotes).

Favourite websites and friends pages will remain in the sidebar.

The most important -or favourite- Bingorage pages will have a prominent link in a remaining, renamed sidebar list. Most important or prominent art projects should have dedicated link and description in its own 'category' list.


Dad and I went ice-fishing on Clearwater Lake last month, off the Ross Camp property. We got some good size perch.


We found a nice place to fish near the Rainy Lake causeway. Pike and Walleye taken at this location, many lost fish.


Shovelmask contemplates his own reflection.



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