Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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A native grandmother's epic walk for the water. An Ojibway gramma is walking around the great lakes and down the St Lawrence River to raise awareness of the water system's fragility and importance to all of us.
"... 40 years ago, Akwesasne was known for its farms and fishery, which had thrived for at least 3,000 years and made it a pillar of the legendary Iroquois Confederacy. Henry Lickers, head of Akwesasne's environment department, likes to remind Torontonians that the reserve shipped its extra food to our soup kitchens during the Depression, yet we didn't even notice when its economy disappeared.

The fisherman and farmers were ruined by the industries that came with the St. Lawrence Seaway. Domtar Paper and General Motors poisoned the fish with, respectively, mercury and PCBs. Alcoa pumped so much fluoride into the air that cows' teeth grew brittle and broke, and they died. Pollution also caused the farms to go bust..." (TheStar.com)

Her website, MotherEarthWaterWalk. Josephine (Mandamin) is scheduled to finish the St. Lawrence stretch at the beginning of May.


Air France plane forced to divert from Am3ric@n air space, because a critical journalist aboard has apparently been flagged for the US no-fly list. If so, then this is further proof that the measures that are supposed to further the safety of Am3ric@an citizens, are instead being used to silence and harass critics of US policies.
"... Do you know how to handle firearms?" I told him that the only time I held one I was very young; it was a shotgun and I was knocked down by the recoil. I never even went through military service, I said. In fact, I added, "my only weapon is my writing, especially to denounce the American government, whom I consider terrorist."
They looked at each other, and the seated man said something I already knew: "That weapon sometimes is worse than rifles and bombs..."

USA paper industry abusing "green law" to create a biofuel subsidy. Pulp and paper mills burn a byproduct called "black liquor" to heat pulp and create electricity for the manufacturing process. American mills are adding diesel fuel to the mix (very unnecessary) in order to qualify for a biofuel rebate; unfortunately increasing the overall amount of fossil fuels that they burn, in the process. The exact opposite of what the rebate was meant to do.

According to spectrographic analysis, the milky way galaxy tastes like raspberries.

"Long Now"; building the 10 000 year clock.

From FailBlog.Org

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The following clip was found at HiddenFromHistory.org (The Canadian Holocaust). The uploader claims that this interview segment is no longer available at CBC online.


Katimavik, still alive.

United Nations creates the World Digital Library.
"The principal objectives of the WDL are to: * Promote international and intercultural understanding; * Expand the volume and variety of cultural content on the Internet; * Provide resources for educators, scholars, and general audiences; * Build capacity in partner institutions to narrow the digital divide within and between countries."

Fossil seal, with legs, found in Canadian arctic.


Graham Greene, speaking at the National Arts Centre, in Ottawa. May 11, 2009.

New Moche culture tomb excavated. "King of Bling" Tomb Sheds Light on Ancient Peru.
"... His body was covered with a tunic and train of tiny gilded copper plates, and his face was covered with two funerary masks—a first, according to Bourget. A necklace of four-inch (ten-centimeter), disk-shaped silver rattles encircled his neck. On his head was a gilded crown. Six more crowns and ten V-shaped headdresses called diadems were arrayed on top of his body..."

Alice Lazore; casino management, Mohawk, beadworker.

US National Park Service, national historic site; Hubbell Trading Post. Apply for their artist in residence position. [PDF link]

Homepage of Navajo singer, Radmilla Cody, Miss Navajo Nation 97-98.
"... Canyon Records recording artist, Indie Award Winner, Indian Summer Award Nominee, and four-time Native American Award Nominee continues to maintain Navajo culture by recording music that children sing with pride and lyrics the Diné elders can be proud of..."

Short essay on the evolution of Native American Art.

"Santa Fe Rotary Foundation for the Arts chose Naranjo Morse as its 2009 Distinguished Artist of the Year."

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation created in Portland, Oregon.
"... to foster indigenous arts in American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native communities."

New Native American museum opens in Warner Springs, California.

The Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival is now accepting submissions. Earlybird deadline is June 19, 2009, late deadline (with late fee) is July 31, 2009. Festival runs November 18-22.


Waila, Native American polka-based music.

Coast Salish artist creates box for healing.
"... Salish artist Luke Marston of Ladysmith was commissioned by the federal Department of Indian Affairs to create a box to be the centrepiece of the meetings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission held across Canada... Participants will be invited to put whatever they want into the box, a symbolic act of letting go..."

Ontario boosts arts council budget by $5 million.

Micheal Greyeyes 'official' website.

Canadian National Arts Centre seeking artist submissions for cover of Prelude,NAC magazine. Theme is "The Arts are alive in Canada"; deadline is May 31, 2009.


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