Thursday, March 31, 2011

New canvases; LoonFamily (ala Norval) and Spac3Invad3r


Two new canvases, stretched on the walls of BingoRage Studio last night. LoonFamily on left and SpaceInvader on right.
Bum electric stapler in middle. I've run three or four packs of staples through this damn thing and it's already burnt out. My mechanical stapler must have survived a hundred boxes of staples... and allowed me to finish stretching these canvases last night.

LoonFamily canvas stretched and priming March312011

LoonFamily scratch sketch (enhanced).
The "stacked" family of birds was a common motif for Woodlands School of Art founder, Norval Morrisseau. This is my latest take, on it.

LoonFamily scratch sketch March312011

First paint.

LoonFamily First Paint March312011

LoonFamily and Eric, in da BingoRage Studio.
(Ha!) Nice paint streak down my face. 8-)

LoonFamily and ERIC March312011

LoonFamily 002 March312011

After first night on the wall. I think that I am going to finish this piece in greyscale. I have already called it "mock greyscale", for all the blue and red tints seeping in from dirty brushes.

LoonFamily March31 2011

Northern Pike sketch detail.Pike also known as "jackfish", "snake", "hammer handle" (little ones).

LoonFamily Pike Detail March312011


Spac3Invad3r ; primed and masked for spray paint.

Spac3Invad3r primed and masked


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