Thursday, April 14, 2011

BingoRage LinkyPost ; Spring 2011 edition

Jeff Healey. Acrylic on paper. Broken Vulture Art. BingoRage Studio.

Acrylic on (Stonehenge) paper.

JeffHealey Wikipedia page.


Sharks being taught to eat invasive Lionfish, in the Caribbean.

Project Grizzly at Nat. Film Board of Canada. Canadian inventor Troy Hurtubise is best known for his anti-Grizzly suit, but has other interesting works-in-progress.

Sam Harris vs William Lane Craig - Debate: Does Good Come From God - 7 April 2011

Native American music category cut from the Grammys.

$10 000 fine (+) for Rock Art Vandal. Fisherman defaces petroglyph on Colorado River.

2 Manitoba First Nations planning an "illegal" casino.

Voyageurs' TB thrives among First Nations

Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains Feb. 18 - May 15, 2011; Brooklyn Museum.

Native American Artists for Japan.

Virtual museum of Nunavut.

Helping native artists flourish. Native Arts & Cultures Foundation makes its presence known...

A new development model gains steam in aboriginal communities.

Dale Chihuly show at Museum of Fine Art in Boston includes work inspired by Native American basketry.

Splendid Heritage: Perspectives on American Indian Art. Missouri History Museum.

New camera, "size of a grain of salt"

Art of the Canoe August 8-21, 2011. June 1 application deadline.

National Museum of the American Indian's Indigenous Contemporary Arts Program Accepting Applications for Artist Leadership Program. May 2 deadline.

Away Antigone: Saskatchewan reserve bans aboriginal production of Greek tragedy
A council meeting was held Tuesday night and Antoine and the reserve's three councillors decided to pull the curtain before it had even risen.
Kasokeo said she only found out about the decision when someone who was at the meeting called her. The chief had not spoken with her.
Antoine did not return phone calls on Thursday.
"He thinks that the play was written about him," said Kasokeo, who tried to explain to Antoine that both the story and the adaptation predate his leadership.

Fish in Ontario.

Native American Art’s Disputed Boundaries

Ahalenia. Native art blog.

WoodLand Indian Art Show, July 1-3, 2011. Oneida, Wisconsin.

National (USA) Native Artist Exchange

America's Ancient Cave Art


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