Monday, November 26, 2012

17 Canvases

update Nov. 29, 2012
My canvases are being held by Finnish authorities!
Help, I'm being suppressed! Come see the violence
inherent in the system! #art #Finland

update December 07, 2012
My canvases eventually released from Finnish customs
and went up on the walls of Baari Vakiopaine after the
weekend. Posting some pics of the show.
The LIVE #ZzorhnAndBingoRage show successfully insinuated
itself into the Finnish headspace and laid the seeds of
mental corruption. I will have a "closing" of some sort,
also by telepresence.


17 Canvases

I have sent 17 canvases to Finland by Canada Post, they should arrive by Wednesday (Nov. 28). My contact and fixer in that part of the world is Finnish Strongman 2009, Bartender Will at Baari Vakiopaine, Jyvaskyla, Finland.

We are going to put on a live ustream episode of the #ZzorhnAndBingoRage show at 10 am on December 01, 2012. This will be arriving at 6 pm, Finnish time; barring the usual problems of livestreaming. Z's working on an outline for the show. We should have a twitter feed for people to ask questions. English please, you Finnish savages; tweet @bingorage . [I use the word “savages” in the same, friendly, male, psychedelic bro sense espoused by Joe Rogan in his JRE podcast.]

The 17 canvases:

1. Orca Breech. An archetypal beast, that we are only beginning to understand. We fantasize about meeting aliens, but we cannot speak to the dolphins, yet.
2. Game of Bronies. Simple, non-objective portraiture. High contrast canvas.
3. DeerCrow. “Transformation piece”. Probably human, but on -at least- a secondary transformation.

4. Quillpoon And Blood-Musky. There is an emergent biography of “the quillpooneer”. He is the only entity that is capable of catching the Blood-Muskies. Huge, fearsome members of the ESOX family that are never seen at the surface, anymore. However; in the time of the quillpooneer, his unique catches created a glut of blood-musky meat. It was fed to dogs, beggars had to take it. What was he writing, out there, on the water?

5. Chimera . There is a long catalog of human beings or anthropomorphic deities in world mythology, that have been blessed or cursed with the physical attributes and divine attribute of flight. Harpies, Hawkmen and Angels... etecetera.

6. Treating The Windigo. Take your medicine, you filthy, fucking Windigo. Boiling grease; cure for douchebaggery and cannibalism, hardcore in its symbolic intent. During a time of famine, in the far north, in the depths of Winter, using up your store of grease to “cure” the greedy cannibal.

7. FrogBeast02. Looks slightly demonic, but don't worry. It looks like there is some sort of “Buffy-thing” going on. Swords and tits make for great tv; what about art?
Heroine? Or Murderer? Beast? Or Person?

8. Brown Cape, Jedi Dancer. A long night of wine and paint. Talk and music. And dance.

9. Red Turtle Canvas. Originally red turtle, now greenish. It swims amongst the cosmos, but still near the Earth.

10. Self Defenses. Nobody should need equipment like this to live at home; on the physical, or mental planes. Culture is not necessarily your friend. Nobody is this special.

11. ScudFly 4 Halibut, w/ Jonah-Bait. Yo; here's the breakdown: It is obviously a custom-tied wetfly, it's design based in the sport of flyfishing. It is an imitation of a freshwater shrimplike crustacean known as a “scud”. The overall shape of the hook is “wrong” from the perspective of a trout-based design; the steel hook underneath the wrappings has the shape of a NorthWest Coast-styled Halibut hook, with the attachment point and the barb point at opposite ends of a U-shaped structure, but closer than any other points on that structure. Is the Jonah-Bait a miniature human, a “synthetic bait” of some kind, or an average sized human? The bait looks like a normal human. If so, then the prey is Godzilla-like in size. What is it tied to? And, what with?

12. Moozo And Serpent. Look like friends. Both seem to enjoy the summer's sunset.

13. Right Eye. A well-travelled eye.

14. Fish Eater Treaty. An otter-like lizard is petitioning the fish-spirits for the right to use their bodies. They signal their assent, with the smoking of the pipes.

15. Ojibway Aquanaut. Everyone should learn how to swim and snorkel dive. Then float over dark, fathomless water and dream of long swimmy things with sharp teeth. Kick and float on.

16. Bear Pirate Zombie. A true “Hide-painting”, a “skin”. Will, I forgot to get a toy sword or cutlass for him. Could you spot me a euro and pick one up to stick in the loop?

17. Pink Corvid Dancer. A pink bird powwow dancer. Since it is a corvid, it must be related to jays and crows. It seems to be dancing with a rawhide and antler rattle.


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