Monday, November 12, 2012

Miss LoonTrout... Sponsorship piece

Most recent (NOvember 25) incarnation of the Miss LoonTrout ... canvas.


Hey there BingoRagers! I need your help to spread the word about the upcoming show in Finland, and my buddy Will Lahti's curatorship at Vakaiopaine (Google translate for website).

I have been recommended for an Ontario Arts Council exhibition assistance grant (Thank you, OAC and Definitely Superior Art Gallery).

I have 4 opportunities, that I am asking my OG BingoRagers, tweet followers, fb friends, accidental blog readers, Stumblers, etcetera to help me spread the word about. You are free to buy, a well.

Post, tweet, RT, “like”, share and so on; the new LoonTrout video and link to this blogpost. Try watching an episode of the #ZzorhnAndBingoRage show. Tell people how awful it was.
Help me find some art patrons. 8-)

1) Limited edition, signed digital prints series of 25 available (2 artist proofs, reserved); printed on canvas, signed, rolled and mailed by tube, unframed.
“Miss LoonTrout in-progress; composite” October 2012
“CutFoot Flees With The Beast” (Homage to “Guernica”) November 03, 2012

$200.00 confirm availability by email before sending money. There will be other works available in this print and shipping format, right now, from BingoRage Studio ---

2) To view and buy in person; the “Finnish cafe at the end of the world”; Vakaiopaine, December 2012. My unique, original canvases will be available in Finland for the Mayan Apocalypse and the discerning European BingoRager. $300-$1500 CDN range. What's that in Finnish sheckels?

3) “CutFoot Flees With The Beast” (Homage to “Guernica”); original, signed, stretched canvas, 2011-2012. Price includes shipping, insurance. * $ 3 000.00 CDN
Approx. 24” x 18” x 4”

4) To sponsor; 3 cultural endeavours in NW Ontario: #BingoRageStudio, #ZzorhnAndBingoRage podcast partner, Zzorhn of #SpiritFirePark and #LittleBeaverCulturalCentre:
- The “Miss LoonTrout...” original multimedia canvas. |** $21 000.00 CDN
Approx. 3' x 5.5' x 1' For the grand-uncle with everything? See video below.

* CutFoot $ 3 000 includes shipping, insurance.

** Miss LoonTrout $20 000 for “the canvas”, $1 000 for crating, insuring and shipping in Canada. International orders could cost thousands more to insure and ship.
Very Important Notes:
Email for availability and shipping quote before sending any money.
Total payment must clear bank before shipping.
No change for “overpayments”; exact funds only, after email confirmation.
No refunds for final sales or for unsolicited or uncleared payments.

Updated Miss LoonTrout video:

Older CutFoot video.

OK. Spread the word.

50 Years of Ontario Government Support of the Arts.


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