Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mr. BingoRage comes to town.

Early Summer. BingoRage Studio is moved to town for the season, hosted at #StudioChezZzorhn (Fort Frances).

We have been focused on 3-dimensional work for a couple months, but we are shifting towards painting again.
Z. and I are not bound by schedule, etc. but ebb and flow in interest and exploration.

#KingVase03 (L) and #KingVase02 (R) in papier-mache, demonstrating interim changes to clay model in the paper casts.

#KingVase01 (L) and #KingVase02 (R)

The #ZzorhnAndBingoRage show set up our table at the 2013 #EmoWalleyeClassic to show off our wares, demonstrate our skills and entertain fishing-orphans and other wandering rugrats for an afternoon. It was quite an impressive setup (read: pain in the ass to set-up), showcasing works in "papier mache" (paper), bronze, antler, clay, acrylic paint and canvas. We did not generate any sales from that venue, but got a chance to get some feedback from a potential target audience; NW Ontario fishing groupies and beergarden glitterati.

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