Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mars thoughts and art theft


{Update; July 27, 1:40 am: The artwork mentioned below has been found and is on its way back. Thanks to the good folks of #FortFrances , the #mocassintelegraph and #FortFrancesUnderground . New #ZzorhnAndBingoRage podcast added to posting.}


I forgot to include these thoughts with the previous posting. Mars could be terraformed, quick and dirty, by crashing an asteroid or comet into its northern polar cap. What?...

Mars is small. The whole planet is just wider than the distance from the Earth's surface to the centre of its core. Because it is so small, Mars couldn't retain its formative primal heat or generate enough of its own nuclear heat to maintain a moving, molten core. No core, no planetary dynamo generating an overall planetary magnetic field. No magnetic field and the atmosphere gets stripped into space, leaving the surface dry, cold and irradiated.

I propose to "partially-terraform Mars, with a single-event". I would prefer to crash a large comet -rather than an asteroid- into the northern polar cap of Mars, for two reasons: 1)It is more likely to break up and form an airburst in the thin atmosphere than an asteroid and 2)it would bring its own payload of water, CO2 and organic molecules to this desert island. I'll try not to hit the NASA probe on the cap.

Our choice of airburst, only a few kilometres above the surface, will vaporise a significant portion of the current "Martian ice age". This event will fill the atmosphere with enough water vapour and carbon dioxide to kickstart greenhouse warming on Mars, increase surface air pressure, reduce radiation load and -hopefully- restart a hydrologic cycle. Surface water and precipitation will help neutralise and wash out the soils, as well as eliminate global dust storms. Alas, this miracle may be a temporary Eden. The atmosphere will begin to leak into space, immediately, unprotected by the gravity and magnetic field that we currently enjoy. The question is, how long would it last, if it were thick enough to be dynamic, warm and wet?
50 years may be enough to provide humanity with an emergency raft in the face of global evacuation.

What could we do in 50 years? What could a planet do in 50 years? At the very least, we ought to be able to engineer another bolide strike on one of the ice caps. If a successful greenhouse effect can be sustained, however, the atmosphere may just mine the caps for water and CO2 for us, offsetting the erosion of the solar wind and gravity leakage. Then what? Have I created an engine to burn off another planet's life support resources? Cool. Don't worry, people will be more moral and responsible in a hundred years; they'll figure it out. Maybe we can restart the core by detonating zillions of nukes down boreholes.

Mars can probably defend itself. If the human parasite manages to establish a foothold on Mars, it is likely fated to be a temporary visitor. There is probably an extant biome buried on Mars, lurking in ices, aquifers and deep atmospheric pools. It will bloom if the atmosphere is jumpstarted, and will certainly be hostile, without malice.

200 years from now:

We survived the jump to Mars. We are thriving; gardening in the Martian soil has been accomplished and the enhanced atmosphere is currently self sustaining. Cannibalism is shockingly common and everybody is sprouting extra fingers. We are more comfortable inside, of course, but the kids run around without suits and mock the sluggish. The sock puppets left us generations ago, sailing across the sea... begging us never to follow them.

#ZzorhnAndBingoRage are revered as pioneers and heroes, receiving full pardons and election to the #RoyalOrderOfMars . #Canada is no longer a country, but is revered as a good start.


New ZABR audio podcast posted.

{July 26. Sculpture found, abandoned. But, taken care of and returned, by community.}

I am sorry to end a funny entry with a bummer note, but one of my best sculptures was stolen from the back of my pickup truck last night. The ShovelMask was a combination of Whitetailed-deer antlers, #papiermache head, snowshovel neck/body, oil-clay and acrylic paintjob.
One of my favourite works and crowd favourite at shows.

I had left my vehicle parked at #StudioChezZzorhn with the box rolltop closed and tailgate closed, but no locks. Someone eased it open and pulled the piece, easing the tailgate partially shut afterward. I discovered the theft when the tailgate fell open as I drove away the next afternoon.

Help me spread the news and let the thieves know that I need the artwork back. I have very little and it represents a significant investment of time and effort. You can contact the local paper at , send social media messages to #Canada #art networks, put up stolen artwork posters
(please pass this info. to friends and family and strangers in Fort frances - Rainy River District). I can't afford a reward, but agree to not "get medieval on your ass", etc. if you return the artwork. Please be careful with it. Yes, feel bad, but don't use that as an excuse to destroy it, please. Thank you.

It's most likely still in town, in the moist, pasty hands of some local scum, but could have been taken by pne of those slick American Fishermen in town for the pro Bass tourney. There's no telling what lurid practices they are employing upon the innocent acrylic skin of my child. My art-child. Brain/mind-baby.

Send $1500.00 to Eric C. Keast...
c/o Northern Lights Credit Union
601 Mowat Avenue
Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
P9A 1Z2
to assuage your guilt and/or
sponsor the #ZzorhnAndBingoRage Show
and/or to commission a new canvas, etc.

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