Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hey There

Hey there.

I know it's been awhile, but I have been focusing too much attention on social media, lately. Too many conspiracy discussions lapsing into anger. I can't tell the trolls from the true believers and I am thinking that the entire internet is becoming a video game; highly fractal and beguiling.

:)   "that way", as they say, "lies madness..."

So; in order to redeem the time wasted spent invested online, I will bring you the best of them here to help reclaim my own online space... stop giving it all away. I think that I shall call these segments...

Notes Of A Dirty Old Man

Decolonise, Asshole!

Flaming Artfag Intellectual

Online Musings

Or, something like that.

Posted to Reddit, January 16'th, 2016 Original post entitled:
"Why does the universe have order?" - Need help answering this question.

In the last 70 years, math and science have discovered that the "order" which they saw within the universe is not the result of a "clockwork" that could be reset and run again to produce the same results. The universe was actually unpredictable and unrepeatable; the perceived "order" arising from chaotic behavior in simple systems and equations. If we were able to "rewind" the universe to an early state, it would not make the same universe we see today. There is no guarantee that humans would be here, either; our galaxy might not even form again.The thing about chaotic systems, though, is that they produce great complexity from simple rules and the closer you look, the more complicated it gets (please reference a good Mandelbrot set video, here).So; the Earth, life and our brains are actually extremely fine, complicated iterations of the multiple rules that the universe runs on (law of thermodynamics, evolution, etc.). A weird implication of the multiverse theory is that many universes may stall or collapse, depending on variables like the fine structure constant which is ridiculously exact and would produce cold or carbonless stars, if much lower, or higher. Weirder still, is the idea that abstract things like the laws of physics "crystalise out" of the homogenous high-energy states after a big bang.If we rewound the universe back far enough, there is no guarantee that gravity would work the same. If you can bend your mind around that , then the weak anthropic principle shouldn't upset you.
:Eric C. Keast 

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"BrontoDuck Preens

Acrylic #painting on #canvas, BingoRage Studio, #Ottawa.
Autumn, 2015

"BrontoDuck Preens" (2015)
Eric C. Keast
BingoRage Studio, Ottawa

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