Thursday, January 21, 2016

I have videos

Trying to figure out how to make money out of my online presence and art documentation. Figure out my google ads and youtube ads; turns out that I have been neglecting my intellectual property, but am starting to iron out my resources.

Here; no ad-revenue for me on the first video. Documents the process of a work that closely echoes a fave motif of #NorvalMorriseau:

 "Loon Family"

Eric C. Keast & #LoonFamily (2010?) #BingoRageStudio

But tons o' cash, no doubt, from the next vid; which shows the evolution of a major piece:

 "Miss LoonTrout Got A Crappy Boobjob. Mr. And Mrs. Crack-Penguin Pull Their Tired, Old William Tell Routine. Nanabush Is Alive, And In The World"

#MissLoonTroutGotACrappyBoobjob... (detail, 2011) Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio

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