Monday, August 22, 2005

New poll feature

I had just mentioned the poll, in passing, in the "IE conflict" post. It is located down the left sidebar. My first poll is "What is your favourite medium of Native Art?". I have nine listed media and an 'other' button. If you'd like to add another to the list or leave a comment on the poll, the comment section on this post would make a good spot for that discussion, I suppose. The "vote" and "view" buttons take you to a separate window/tab, but there is a "back" button there.

Be heard!!! Vote, baby, vote! (even if it's an "other" vote)

PS: I have added the Blogger "user confirmation" feature to the comments section, because I've started to receive my first spam comments (sign of web recognition?).
This feature just asks you to type in the letters, viewed in a graphic, to make sure yous human and not a spambot. Don't be afraid.



JLB said...

change is good. :)

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...