Monday, August 01, 2005

An open letter

No guarantee that anyone will pay any attention, but this letter was sent to: The Whitehouse, Paul Martin, Dalton McGinty (sp?), Mn senators Dayton and Coleman, MN governor Tim Pawlenty, Star Tribune (MN), MN Daily (UofM paper), CBC (general contact), CNN, As It Happens CBC radio show. I will be sending copies to other Canadian and American politicians and media outlets, shortly.

Two years ago, in the hysteria surrounding the discovery of a BSE infected cow in Alberta, the U.S. instituted a border-wide ban on the importation of Canadian deer, moose and camels. Yes... camels. Gradually, the rules were changed so that venison and moosemeat (and, presumably camelmeat) could be imported into the USA if it were boned and wrapped in Canada and a USA veterinarian certificate was obtained at the border (in addition to the previously required import and export permits).

I am writing this letter because the cost and hassle of deer-hunting in Ontario (and presumably the rest of Canada) has increased unreasonably in the last couple of years and is hurting both the tourism industry in Northern Ontario and the enjoyment of the hunting experience for American tourists. Specifically, in my experience: a friend from MN whom had been hunting with my father, our friends and I for several years has seen his costs and legal obstacles become increasingly onerous.

Now that the border has been reopened to cattle and the knee-jerk reaction to the initial BSE case has waned, can we please have the additional requirements of venison (and camelmeat) importation to the USA dismissed as well, before they become institutionalized, unnecessarily.

Eric C. Keast

PS: In addition, Ontario should halt its practice of large yearly price increases for non-resident large-game hunting licenses, before they price themselves and their tourism industry completely out of the large-game hunters market.


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Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

So far, the only reply that I've received is from the USDA, which sent me to the same site where I got their email. Really f*ckin' useful.