Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Digital camera

Hey, hey, hey. I gots my new digital camera. This is the premiere pic off of it. When I figure it out, the pics will improve. You may recognize these physiognomies from previous postings, now painted. (Actually, a version of the "clown" face appears in the Mrs. Loontrout/Mr. & Mrs. Crackpenguin painting. An update of which I will soon post.)

Update on september11: This new dig. cam is a real battery hog; it's killing all the cheap batteries I had laying about for remote controls, etc. Time to upgrade to fusion batteries


update march 27/06: I now use rechargeable batteries, and it's holding up well.


1 comment:

SageKitty said...

Hey there bro!! The digital cam shots are excellent. Great to see more of your new art work, great links,

Love this site!!!:0)