Monday, September 05, 2005

The West Bank School of Art

Pics click 4 enlargement and detail.
west bank school of art, storefront on cedar avenue, minneapolis

west bank school of art, interior on cedar avenue, minneapolis
An experiment in coo-op studio/gallery that didn't quite work out.
Our little storefront interior, on Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis.1999/2000AD?

The cowskull and the woodcut print cards are mine. I think that twisty metal sculpture is one of my pieces, too, but not sure.

As you can see from the interior, there wasn't much room. In fact, the space had been an alley between two buildings that had been walled off and had a roof put over it. Cool little space. It had been a skateboarder/tagger shop before we got it and probably a hair salon before (I think the hair dryer chair was there, but I'm not sure.
We had crammed 60+ people, a keg AND a band in there a few times. One time somebody got a little carried away and started destroying the furniture. Well... that happened all the time, but it was hard to tell.

acrylic painting by eric keast, broken vulture art

woodcut print
When a Young Man's Fancy Turns (Created and first displayed at WBSA)

As it turned out, I was not very good at sharing studio space and didn't play well with others; throwing a tomahawk at somebody else's painting was probably the last straw, before I was invited to leave.

The place went on for a while, maintained by various people. I managed to remain on good terms with most of them and stayed in the twin cities until 2003.

(an untitled woodcut print for card, made in WBSA)>>>



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crusty, will here, alive and married in finland. been here for a while. i kind of remember the wbsa parties. i definitely remember wbsa.