Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bingorage X-mas story.

The Bingorage Christmas story.

Over at Drip and Spew. Sorry it's late, but enjoy, anyways.


By the way, anybody know what these are? Click for larger/detailed pic.

mystery balls


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cornpone said...


Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

I think you are almost right Cornpone. However, the material is plant fibre, not hair. I am not quite sure which little critter coughed these up, though, the lady who gave them to me said they were all over the beach in Western Australia. She thought that they were some sort of seal 'Bezoar'(fancy name for stomach 'stones', including hairballs). However, someone in LF chat suggested Dugong/Stellar's Seacow, which would make sense, too. I guess that similiar stones are all over the beaches in Northern Australia, belonging (supposedly) to crocs. Anyways; these are alleged seal (or dugong) bezoars. :Eric

JLB said...

They sort of look like owl pellets to me... albeit a bit more rounded. Greetings from eastern PA! I look forward to reading your xmas story once I get some time... as to the "day after" pictures... boy can I ever identify with those!

FaeMystique said...

By Stellar seacow do you mean Stellar SeaLion? We have them, albeit their endangered status, quite regularly in Homer, Alaska. I have never run across these and we traversed our beaches regularily.