Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CBC - Conservationists pay more than $1 million to end bear hunt


"It's an area where the [white] spirit bear is found... the purchase doesn't mean an end to all hunting in the area. McAllister says B.C. residents will still be entitled to hunt in the territory."



Anonymous said...

so tell me guy from this good or bad? in my home area the honkies (jamooka men) would hunt bears wih frying pans full of malkins over a campfire. the people (finlanders and shinnobs)would hunt a bear only if the spirit told them too. so is a spiritual hunt in canadia a bad thing these days? does one really even need to buy a license out in the boonies? never paid for a license for anything in my life. seems kind of disrespectful in my eyes (towards the animal) to hand the state a payoff before pulling the trigger or setting the hook...

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

WDGL; the article is talking about how a conservation group bought out a commercial bunting guide company's license, to decrease the non-resident trophy hunting pressure on the conservation area. Presumably, Native hunting rights were unaffected; I'm not sure that the local First Nations would hunt the "Spirit Bears" (albino black bears), for any reason other than serious ceremonial reasons, anyway.