Thursday, June 01, 2006

Emoticon Totem Pole

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emoticon totem pole
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May 30, 2006

This is the last day in which you will be able to smoke inside a public place, in Ontario. After Midnight, the closest watering hole will become non-smoking. I'm going to be there; just to see if there are any protestors, flaunting the new directive.

Ideas: CBC radio, May30, 06

Margaret Thatcher (Wiki article) used to make a big (public) deal out of the fact that she was the only (British) politician of note (Presumably of her time) that had a degree in science.

However, her only scientific work of note was spending 18 months of her life discovering ways to inject air into ice cream. (Telegraph article) Thus: reducing the amount of expensive ingredients in a scoop, increasing the profit and reducing the quality. Presumably, she left it up to others to market the crap. I find it amusing that her lone "scientific achievement" was to help adulterate a product with such wholesome connotations. She would spend the greater part of her life creating a great, grand adulteration of Great Britain.

Recently, "premium" ice-cream makers have been at pains to trumpet the reduction of air in their ice cream.

May 31, 2006

2'nd link

Alliance Atlantis, which purchased Salter Street Films, has declared that they are not interested in releasing the Codco catalog on DVD. There is a petition online, to remedy the situation. Salter Street also produced some of my other favourite Canadian TV comedies: Made In Canada (marketed as The Industry, stateside) and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which is still in production -presumably under AA.

No smokers' riots in Fort Frances, last night.

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