Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 21 -National Aboriginal Solidarity Day (Canada) + other stuff

Short history & pics at Turtle Island.Org .

Event listings for Kenora, Ontario.

Announcement at Wawatay News.


Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) article
about whether or not a portrait is a painting, based on the non-painting methods (as well as painting methods) used to create it. I, for one, would call it a painting, because paint went into it, somebody else is filing a legal challenge to its 'painting' status.

Why does that get my attention and why should it concern you?

The 'painting' won a portraiture contest worth $35 000 (Australian, presumably) and the legal challenge is being petitioned by a sore loser. Also; the article has a striking picture of the portrait (of Aboriginal actor; David Gulpilil) that you should see (I will send some emails to check on copyright/creative commons status. So... no pic, here, yet.).


The striking depiction by Craig Ruddy, which won him the Archibald and the People's Choice awards in 2004, is at the centre of a legal fight on the definition of the word painting.

Tony Johansen, a Kings Cross artist and regular Archibald entrant, says the Art Gallery of NSW Trust should not have awarded the prize to Ruddy because his work is "not a painting but a drawing" and was thus ineligible because it breached the 1916 will of the late Jules Francois Archibald.


June 21 is the Summer Solstice.

Here is a list of solstices and equinoxes until the year 2020.
No; they are not always on the same day and time.

Here is a "scientific" explanation of the solstice.

Here is a description of solstice festival at Stonehenge (No; the stones do not get up and fly at night. At least not when there are people around.).

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1 comment:

Clint said...

There's suppose to be a celebration in connection to this in Montreal at the First People's Festival. I'll try to check it out.