Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bilbo's my biggest collector... yet.

Hey Bingoragers!
Sorry for the lag, but Broken Vulture Art was out of town for several days and away from internet access, and I will be away again, but it is
Deer season!!!!!!!!

... and I've got priorities. But; I've brought treats.

I had my camera handy while visiting Anurag Art and Bill, Zack and Terry let me take some of my early stuff off their walls (If we could reach it) and photograph 'em to share with y'all. I didn't manage to get down to the Whiz Bang (MPLS neighbourhood), but the next time I do, my crack(ed) team of private informers and I will try to track down some more missing, long-forgotten &/or hiding-in-plain-sight Broken Vulture Art-works.

Pics click to enlarge.

Duck [acrylic and spray enamel on stretched material(?); boxframe]
What a snide little look on this Mallard's face.
Duck. By Eric C. Keast, Broken Vulture Art

Fungi, et la Lune ("Fungi, and the moon") [acrylic and spray enamel on plywood]
Dig the rhizome, baby.
Fungi, et la Lune. By Eric C. Keast, Broken Vulture Art

Nanabush and the Fishes [acrylic on leather; boxframe]
What's with me and screwed-up clowns, anyway?
Nanabush and the Fishes. By Eric C. Keast, Broken Vulture Art

Geigo ("stop that") [acrylic on leather]
Life, death and the highway.
Geigo. By Eric C. Keast, Broken Vulture Art

Mukwa [acrylic on plywood]
Mukwa. By Eric C. Keast, Broken Vulture Art

untitled female torso [acrlic on canvas; unframed]
This big canvas is in a narrow area, so I couldn't get a straight-on shot.
untitled female torso painting. By Eric C. Keast, Broken Vulture Art


Very cool article about the oldest religious temple ever found... so far. How old? and where?
The number given in the article is 10 000 BC .

That's 12 ooo years ago, in what is now Turkey.


Anonymous said...

next time you visit the best wank i'd appreciate if you took photos of any of my crap thats laying around. m.j. bought my "two jakes" and last i saw it was hanging in palmers. i might have some other pieces on the walls there. fuck, i wish i remember where most of my paintings went. oh and i wish i had pictures of them. oh well, maybe we'll be famous when we're dead.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images - all of them.

Good hunting!

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Next Mpls project Will. Thanx JLB.