Friday, October 06, 2006


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Autumn willow at Pither's point Park
Autumn willow at Pither's point Park; Broken Vulture Art, Fort Frances

Ran into this artist's designs while surfing Very cool hip-hop aesthetic and old-school posters.
RezRocket Design at Blogspot.
RezRocket at myspace.
From the profile:
RezRocketDesign is a multi-disciplinary creative agency specializing in unique solutions for a variety of clients. At RezRocketDesign we practice strategic consulting, corporate identity, illustration, print design and mural painting.

Bunky Echo Hawk has some great "pop-art" influnced works juxtaposing historical figures with contemporary settings and vice versa. Two quick faves: Sitting Bull being interviewed by Larry King and Yoda in powwow regalia.

If you are looking into getting a digital camera or learning how to use one, better. There are some tutorials at Photon Head. Com. I'm sure that they can sell you one, too.

There's some cool Inuit and Northern First Nations art being sold through this Viennese Gallery. Their online galleries have prints, sculpture, photographs and kitsch (Inuit-Art xmas ornaments, anyone?).
Vienna Gallery

Autry - Native Voices
Native Voices at the Autry was established in 1999 to provide a supportive and collaborative setting for Native American playwrights and actors from all over the U.S. and Canada to both develop their work and see it fully realized. Since 2000, Native Voices has held 35 workshops and presented 28 staged readings for Native artists.

Also: Cool little gallery about Native Armament.

The Native American Rights Fund is holding a call for submissions of Native Art for N8V artists 18-35. Deadline October 18'th. Check out details at
NARF. Org.
The Native American Rights Fund invites Native American artists, ages 18-35 years of age, to submit works that focus, celebrate and highlight the 36-year old mission of NARF to defend and exert the rights of Native peoples and that focus on the modern day battles and issues of importance to Native Native Americans and the generations to come that include: sovereignty, cultural and spiritual lifeways, tribal lands and natural resources; Indigenous rights; education; and social justice.

Krustayn Versus Mecha Sasquatch Copper Moose mask evolution details; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage studio.
Krustayn Versus Mecha Sasquatch; Copper Moose mask detail; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage studioKrustayn Versus Mecha Sasquatch; Copper Moose mask detail; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage studioKrustayn Versus Mecha Sasquatch; Copper Moose mask detail; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage studio

Juggler painting, detail; Bingorage studio, Fort Frances.
Juggler painting, detail; Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio, Fort Frances.

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That willow looks GORGEOUS!!!

Thanks for all the art links, and the update on the Krustayn vs. mecha-sasquatch sequence. I always enjoy the evolution.